Gender-specific subjectification processes of young people in the informal digital learning and educational space YouTube

PhD project

Verena Honkomp-Wilkens, M.A. 

YouTube is one of the most popular Internet offerings of young people in Germany and serves many of them as an informal learning and educational space, for researching information for leisure interests, school and education (Feierabend et al., 2021; Wolf, 2015). In this context, YouTube reveals itself as a space structured along stereotypical notions of gender (Döring, 2019; Prommer et al., 2019). Here, young people receive performative processes of doing-gender. At the same time, YouTube offers space for niches and ruptures that serve to deconstruct established notions of gender (Döring, 2019). The dissertation examines the extent to which gender-specific subjectification processes take place in the reception of educationally relevant YouTube videos by young people. For this purpose, guided interviews with young people are analysed in accordance with Butler's (2001) concept and theory of the subject. The aim is to counteract inequalities in educational opportunities (Bremen School Act and Bremen School Administration Act, 2005). 

: Verena Honkomp-Wilkens

Verena Honkomp-Wilkens

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