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Journalistic potentials of Newsgames

Doctoral project
Florian Hohmann, M.A.

The focus of my dissertation project lays on Newsgames as a form of journalistic expression in general and their potential application in particular. Newsgames represent a playful way of journalistic knowledge transfer and as such move along the border between entertainment and information, amusement and seriousness. An interesting question therefore is, under which circumstances this ‚act of balance‘ works and Newsgames are understood and accepted by the audience; for what purposes and topics they are especially suitable and if they are a useful tool for digital journalism in particular.

Methodically, this project follows a qualitative, explorative approach. First step is a collection and classification of existing games according to their journalistic functions and game mechanical intentions. Subsequently, observations and the interviewing of users who played a selection of these Newsgames as case studies should indicate weather these games can reach their journalistic goals and what factors are supporting or hindering that process.

:  Florian Hohmann

Florian Hohmann

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