Journalistic Tools as "Boundary Objects“ - A media ethnographic study of their specifics as well as development and appropriation dynamics in journalism.

Doctoral project

Anne Schmitz

The dissertation deals with new journalistic tools under the conditions of digital media change. These journalistic tools are considered as "boundary objects" (Star&Griesemer, 1989). Such a socio-technological concept enables to analyze their (technical) specifics as well as to grasp the negotiation processes around the tools in the context of concrete development and appropriation practices. The empirical study is based on a media ethnography, specifically qualitative interviews with key actors and participant observations during the development and application of the tools. For what journalism is and can be - according to the basic assumption of the study - is (also) revealed by the tools it uses.

Star, S. L.; Griesemer, J. R. (1989): Institutional Ecology, ‘Translations‘ and Boundary Objects: Amateurs and Professionals in Berkeley’s Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, 1907-37. Social Studies of Science. 19/3. 387-420.

: Anne Schmitz

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