Research Area "AV Cultures"


The focus of the research area "AV Cultures" is the medial organisation and aesthetics of audiovisual productions, as well as their use by different actors. In a combination of different disciplinary perspectives and various methods and procedures, research is conducted into how the perception and use of audiovisual productions contribute to the social and institutional organisation of audiovisual cultures. 

In doing so, we are particularly interested in interconnecting two different approaches and thus methodically and systematically expanding the study of audiovisual cultures in the respective disciplines: i.e. relating object-oriented media research, as established in film and media studies, art studies and historical research, with actor-centred media research, as practised in the social sciences. 

The aim of the network is to make the strengths of both fields fruitful for the different disciplines in dialogue. The overarching horizon of the joint research is to draw conclusions about the influence of audiovisual media on the process of political and aesthetic communalisation. 

Research Projects


Gaming the Nation. An Intersectional Investigation of Nation, Identity and Video Gaming

Duration: 2022-2025

Lab "Media and Religion"

(Dr. Kathrin Trattner)

Film Comedy after the Third Reich: On the Political Aesthetics of Entertainment in Defection Films

Duration: 2021-2024

Labs "Audiovisuelle Medien und Geschichtsschreibung" und "Film, Medienkunst und Populärkultur"
(PD Dr. Rasmus Greiner)



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