Communication and media studies programme:


BA Communication and Media Studies 

Application deadline: July 15

The BA Communication and Media Studies: Media Analysis and Media Practice offers a comprehensive basic training in the theories and methods of communication and media studies in combination with a graduated media practical qualification. They will not only learn basic concepts and methods for the analysis of communication mediated by media, but will also deal with different perspectives on media communication in the social and cultural sciences or (as a choice) in the technical and economic sciences. Depending on personal interests and career aspirations, the double profile of the degree programme allows for a specialist or practical focus. You can find more information about the study programme on the pages of the BA Communication and Media Studies.


MA Media Culture and Globalization

Application deadline: June 15

The MA Media Culture and Globalization is a Master's program in communication and media studies with a focus on the cultural context of media communication. How do media shape our contemporary cultures? What distinguishes media-mediated, transcultural communication? How have our media cultures developed historically? What does this have to do with the transformation of journalism, our everyday and popular culture? How do processes of globalisation, individualisation or migration relate to media? If you are interested in questions like these, then the MA Media Culture is the right course for you. You can find more information about the MA studies programme on the MA Media Culture and Globalization pages.


MA Digital Media and Society

Application deadline: March 15

Digitalization is changing the world around us. Datafication – the growing number of data that can be aggregated and processed in automated ways – increasingly becomes characteristic for our societies. As part of these processes, the role of media and communication devices and what we mean by media and communication studies is changing as well. The M.A. Digital Media and Society is situated at the leading edge of these developments. Its aim is to qualify stu-dents for media planning and decision-making positions in a datafied society. Further information can be found on the pages of the MA Digital Media and Society.

Further media study programmes:

MA Kunst- und Filmwissenschaft

MA Art and Film Studies

Application deadline: June 15

The two-year Master's programme in Art and Film Studies aims at the formation of knowledge, the ability to reflect and competences for an activity in the field of art and film studies research, as well as a qualification for relevant fields of work in scientific and cultural institutions of art and film. The combination of the two disciplines of art studies and film studies opens up mutually complementary perspectives on the subjects of fine arts, film and (audio)visual culture. If you are interested in questions such as these, then the MA in Art and Film Studies is the right course for you. Further information on the MA in Art and Film Studies can be found on the pages of the MA Art and Film Studies.

BSc Digitale Medien

BSc Digital Media

Application deadline: July 15

If you are interested in studying computer science and design, the University of Bremen has a BA-level BSc in Digital Media, which is conducted jointly with the Hochschule für Künste (HfK) Bremen. Here a basic study in computer science with focus on digital media (approx. 2/3) is combined with creative courses (approx. 1/3). Programming plays a key role as a form of implementing one's own ideas with a computer. If you are interested in this course, you will find further information on the BSc Digitale Medien website.

MSc Digital Media

MSc Digital Media

Application deadline: June 15

The studies can then be continued and deepened with the English-language MSc Digital Media. These courses are offered by the Department 3 Computer Science/Mathematics together with the HfK Bremen. They are intended for students who want to work in the border area between science and art, technology and design, formalism and intuition. If you are interested in this advanced Master's programme, you will find further information on the website of the MSc Digital Media.