Campus network


The employees and students of the University of Bremen are provided with a comprehensive wireless network (WLAN). Guests from various other universities can use this WLAN with eduroam.

To use the WLAN as a student or employee of the university, you need an account from the ZfN (also used e.g. for accessing mail and Stud.IP), that all students receive with their enrollment automatically. If you haven't already got one, you can make an application for one at the Zentrum für Netze.

  1. For automated installation, you can download our Configuration Assistant Tool. (ATTENTION: An App is needed for Android!)
  2. Follow our illustrated instructions in the menu on the right side. They exist for all common Operating Systems (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) and guide you step by step through the installation of the WLAN on your Notebook. Notebook.
  3. If you are not able to connect with the WLAN afterwards, be advised to use our Diagnosis Page. It is meant to help you help yourself. (You have to log in with your university account on that page)  
  4. If you continue to experience problems or have got additional questions, you can contact us: by mail, by telephone or personally during the opening hours of our Support.

Employees and students of other universities, who want to access the WLAN of the University Bremen via eduroam, need to configure their notebooks according to the manuals of their respective home university. Manuals of the Bremen universities: Hochschule BremenHochschule für KünsteJacobs UniversityHochschule Bremerhaven.

Virtual Private Network

Some services of the university and the library (SuUB) are access-restricted and can only be used when you are at the campus, meaning that your computer has an internet address that belongs to the university.

If you want to use these services from your home or on the go with an account from the Zentrum für Netze, you once have to install a so called VPN client software (AnyConnect or OpenConnect) on your laptop and make a connection to the campus with this software every time you want to access one of these access-restricted services. That "virtually" locates you at the campus and you can use the services as usual.