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Personal Certificates

The application for a security certificate for natural persons is made directly via a website of the German Research Network.


  • User certificates can only be issued to members of the University of Bremen or members of affiliated organizations as defined in § 5 BremHG.
  • The certificate will only be issued for the university e-mail address. The certification of third party e-mail addresses is excluded.
  • ATTENTION: The private key of your certificate will only be generated in the browser used during the application process and MUST be installed on the same PC with the same browser. Only then is it possible to save the certificate for import into your mail program.


  • Enter your data in the form of the DFN-Verein and print out the application form. Sign at the place indicated in the form.
  • Present the certificate application at the offices of the ZfN in person with your identity card. You will then be forwarded to an authorized ZfN employee.

  • After verification, your certificate will be approved by the ZfN and you will receive an e-mail with a first link to the certificate chain of the University of Bremen and a second link to your new certificate.

  • On the same PC with the same browser you created the request with, go to the website of the first link and install the certificate chain of the University of Bremen by clicking on the tabs "Root Certificate" and "DFN-PCA Certificate" and "University Bremen-CA-Certificate". If these are already installed, you will receive a corresponding message.

  • On the same PC with the same browser as in the application process, you now install your own certificate in your browser by opening the second link from the mail and clicking the "Install certificate" button.

Exporting your certificate:

  • Exporting your certificate is done as follows:

    Firefox: Settings - Advanced - Encryption tab - Show Certificates - Mark your certificate - Select your certificate tab - Save... - Enter file name and choose type PKCS#12 - Save - Enter master password of your browser's password memory - Next - Enter password twice to protect the certificate with private keys - Done
  • InternetExplorer: Menu Tools - Internet Options - Contents - Certificates - Mark your certificate - Export - Export your certificate - Export - Next - Yes, export private key - Select PKCS#12 file type - Next - Enter password twice to protect the private key - Enter file name - Next - Done

Further help can be found under:

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