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Android 10+

Instructions for setting up WLAN access under Android 10+


Please note, the following instructions describe how to set up the eduroam network using the geteduroam configuration tool.

When you are asked for the user data, pay attention to upper/lower case and enter your user name (no alias) including

For security reasons, the WLAN password is not identical to the password of your university account. Students set the
Students set the password automatically when activating their university account, other users have to set the WLAN password once in the online tools.

If there is a problem, please contact us by e-mail at

Preparing the installation

To ensure that the installation works smoothly, you should perform the following action beforehand (may vary from device to device):

1. go to settings -- select the menu item Wifi -- press and hold on eduroam until a small window opens -- now select "Remove network" (if available).

Step 1

First you need to download the geteduroam configuration tool. To do this, open the Playstore app and search for "geteduroam".

Click on install and accept the requested access in the following dialogue.

Open the newly installed "geteduroam" app.

Step 2

Now search for "Universität Bremen" and select it. In the following window, select "eduoram(" in the "Profile" tab as in the picture.

Step 3

Fill in the dialogue according to the picture and replace "username" with the user name of your university account.

Under Password, enter the corresponding WLAN password. Confirm your entry by clicking on "Connect to network".

Step 4

The configuration setup is now complete.


If no connection is established, this can have various causes: 

  • If there is no access point with the eduroam network nearby, then the location must be changed.

If problems persist, our diagnostics page may be able to help.

Updated by: ZFN