FAQ for online openbook exams via the LTS3

On this page we have listed the most frequently asked questions that students who have to take or have taken an online openbook exam via the exam system LTS3 (online.eassessment.uni-bremen.de) have asked us. Your question is not included or you find the answer unsatisfactory? Write to infoprotect me ?!eassessment.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de (subject: "Question about LTS3-online exams / FAQ extension").

First of all you should check your university mails at webmail.uni-bremen.de to see if the notification has been received there. Often the problem is a not working forwarding to a private address (see also settings in the online-Tools of the ZfN). Some providers seem not to deliver such mails or store them in the spam folder. Where you don't need to look is Stud.IP, because the internal messaging system of Stud.IP can only forward internal messages as e-mail, but cannot receive e-mails itself!

If you are sure that the mail did not reach your university account, write to infoprotect me ?!eassessment.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de. We can then resend the same mail.
Exception: Students of the FB 7 - Wirtschaftswissenschaft please contact the department at fb07infoprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de. There you will find the registration lists as well as the account data.

Try the following steps:

  • First copy the username and password from the e-mail into a text editor (e.g. Notepad under Windows). Check whether spaces were copied before or after the entries (delete them), whether a comma, semicolon or colon was not copied at the beginning or end of the password (happens when double-clicking, then copy normally with the mouse button pressed) or whether characters were changed (correct them). Then copy the corrected data into the input fields of the test environment. Special characters at the beginning or end (i.e. , ; : etc.) belong to the password, please copy them too!
  • It worked now? Great. Leave the text file open, you may need this data again if the connection is lost.
  • It still does not work? Try to enter the data directly from the keyboard instead of the copied data. In some cases this has helped (for whatever reason).

Still no success? Write to infoprotect me ?!eassessment.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de and tell us not only your name but also the title and date of the exam! If even we from the e-assessment team cannot log in with the sent data (has never happened yet ;), we will reset your password and send you the atualized data.

You can log in with the login data of the main exam, but you can't find a sample exam or the ready button is missing? In this case please have a look at our tutorial.  Please note that the tutorial shows the normal mode with active navigation. For exams with predefined processing order and time, the navigation is deactivated and the question change occurs automatically (only) after the processing time per task has expired. You can also register yourself for an anonymous demo exam., showing three different exam modes (free navigation, predefined order of questions, fixed time per question)
 Note: If no separate trial date has been agreed, a trial or demo exam is often only activated with the registration for the main exam. On the day before the main exam, the release for the trial is cancelled again, you will then no longer find a "Ready" button.

In the exam modes with active navigation (free change between the questions) and with fixed processing sequence (it is only possible to change to the next question, going back is not possible), the ZMML team can enter the additional time in minutes after the start of the exam. The extended time is then immediately noticeable in the remaining time display at the top right of the exam window. In order for this to happen, the disadvantage compensation approved by the examination board must be discussed in advance with those responsible for the examination so that your teachers can instruct the ZMML accordingly. The ZMML can only act here on the instructions of the persons responsible for the examinations, so please do not send any certificates or attestations to us! (infos)
 In the time-controlled mode (no own question change possible, this takes place automatically after a time defined for the question), no time allowance is possible. In this case, compensation in another form (e.g. another form of examination) must be agreed with the lecturers.
 PS: Unfortunately, it has already happened that after the start of the examination, in the heat of the moment, approved and communicated additional time compensations were accidentally not entered by the ZMML. In this case, please inform your teachers and us (info@eassessment.uni-bremen.de) as soon as possible after the exam has finished. We can reopen exams so that you can re-enter the exam after logging in and claim your extra time. As a precaution, we apologize in advance for the inconvenience and fright.

Please keep in mind that you will be sent separate account information for each exam date (no later than three days before the date). Make sure that you have used the data of the correct exam.


The exam will be released no earlier than 5 minutes before the official start. If you registered before the activation, you will see the information "Examination has not been released yet" or "Licence exceeded its time limit". Refresh the page or the exam list just before the start time to get the "Ready"-Button.
Running late and don't have clearance? Clearance will end no later than 15 minutes after the official start, or earlier if instructors request it. This unfortunately closes the door to the virtual exam room.


This problem occurs very rarely and mainly affects students who use Google Chrome as their browser on a MAC. Please try refreshing the page first. If that does not help, first take a screenshot for the problem documentation, close the browser or tab, and then switch to Firefox. After logging back in, you will either be taken directly to the exam or to the home page. If the Ready button is missing on the home page, write to infoprotect me ?!eassessment.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de so we can re-enable your exam. Even if this all takes longer, your time will not run until you restart then!


You don't have to save the answers yourself, this happens automatically for the currently displayed question at the following system events:

  1.  when the question is changed (even if this is done by the system)
  2.  when you click on "Submit
  3.  at automatic submission due to timeout

In the case of free-text questions, an intermediate version is additionally automatically saved every 30 seconds. These former versions can later be viewed by your teachers in the question history.

If an answer is safed by one of the action named above they are written to the database and will not get lost, even if a technical problem should arise in the meantime. Aborted exams can be continued.

In the time-controlled mode (fixed processing time and sequence) the navigation is deactivated, the question numbers are crossed out after the automatic question change (as a sign that these can no longer be processed). There is no check mark for "edited" in this mode! Of course, the answers have been saved anyway.
 In the normal mode with active navigation it can happen that no check mark is displayed for the last edited task when time has elapsed or manual submission has been made. However, the answer has been submitted anyway.
See also FAQ "When and how are the answers saved?".

There is no standard answer to this question, because the permitted aids are determined by your teachers, who you should check with in advance. Open-book does not mean everything is allowed. As a general rule, 1:1 copying of texts without proper citation of sources can be considered plagiarism. Teamwork and audience jokers fall into the category of "Serious Attempt to Deceive", which can have serious consequences (see below). Even if it is tempting: refrain from asking for help from others, especially since in our experience this often goes wrong (keyword "random selection of questions") and costs time unnecessarily. Some formal criteria are also included in the declaration of independence for online exams, which you have to confirm as read and accepted already when logging into the system. Here is the corresponding excerpt for further reading:

Declaration of Independence
I hereby declare that I have worked on the above-mentioned examination independently and without outside help or the use of unauthorized aids. I am aware that the help of another person, the joint processing of the examination tasks with others in a room or with the help of social media, constitutes inadmissible external help and that the unmarked transfer of content from the Internet is also an inadmissible aid.
 ... Violations of the regulations that are undertaken contrary to the declaration of independence [are]generally considered a particularly serious case of attempted deception according to § 18 of the General Part of the Bachelor Examination Regulations and according to § 42. para. 4 BremHG. As a rule, students who repeatedly or in a particularly serious way commit an attempt to deceive will be exmatriculated.

No, absolutely not. This violates copyright protection and may even have criminal consequences. Here is an excerpt from the University of Bremen's declaration of independence for online exams:
Copyright notice: the teaching materials and examination tasks (assignment / sample solutions) are protected by copyright. Any use outside the specific teaching and examination context (e.g. by uploading to platforms, printing in lecture notes, passing on to other students or other third parties - printed, digitally or orally) is not permitted and is punishable by law. Furthermore, it can lead in particular to claims for injunctive relief and damages.



If the browser has closed or was closed by you by mistake, open the browser again, call up the examination website again, log in and you can then continue the examination directly. You may then be missing the answers to the last task displayed before the cancellation (for free-text questions, at most the entries from the last 30 seconds before the cancellation) and have to enter them again. The answers of the tasks processed before the abort are retained.
 See also FAQ "When and how are the answers saved?"

This error message occurs when the browser could not synchronize data with the exam server due to an interrupted or extremely slow internet connection. Sporadically, this also occurs with incompatible browsers such as an outdated Edge, with Safari, Opera and (rarely) Chrome on Apple computers. The error display can often only be removed by refreshing/reloading the page. By reloading the page (e.g. via F5), the browser removes all previously entered entries in answer fields, so they have to be entered again! For free text questions, the system loads the last saved version from the database, so a maximum of 30 seconds is lost here. If this error occurs shortly before the timeout, your instructors can still retrieve the last saved version in the question history for free text questions. You should report this problem to the exam administrators promptly via an error report so that they can actually look at the question history later.

If the error appears again and again from the beginning and penetrating, you can try to change the browser: Close previous browser (do not click submit), start new browser and log in again. The system will detect the cancelled exam and loop you back into the exam and to the place where it was cancelled. If you have lost a lot of time, please write to infoprotect me ?!eassessment.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de. In consultation with the person in charge of the exam (if they can be reached) we can add extra time for you.
If you want to be sure that nothing is lost, you can save a copy of your answers in a text editor for free text questions, or write the answer in the text editor and then paste it into the input field. But pay attention to the time lapse (display in the upper right corner)!

This very rare problem is probably related to an installed ad blocker. Many of the texts are embedded as images in the exam system and these images are interpreted by some ad blockers presumably as unwanted advertising. What to do?
 Please deactivate all ad blockers and other plug-ins that filter website content (only) for the duration of the test. If necessary, switch to a browser for your scan that you do not normally use and that has no special restrictions or extensions. You can also switch browsers during the exam by closing the first one (Attention: Do not click Submit!) and reopen the page in the replacement browser and log in. You will then end up in the exam at the point where you left it. Only then will the time continue to run since you quit.

This behaviour occurs in Firefox, if you used Ctrl+ and Ctrl- to scale the view after the start of the exam.. Please use Ctrl- to scale down the view and to see the lower part of the question.


The navigation on the left side is faded out and inactive? This is not a system error but a setting requested by your teachers. You have to wait for the question to time out (time display in the upper right corner). The system will then save the last version of the answer and automatically switch to the next question. You do not have the option to switch to the next question ahead of time. Please do not click on "Submit" prematurely, this will end the exam altogether! You will then not be able to call it up again!

In this examination mode, which is requested by your teachers, the questions can only be answered one after the other. The answer to the displayed question must be given completely before you switch to the next question yourself, because questions that have already been processed are blocked in the navigation (task number crossed out). This also means that you have to allocate yourself the examination time displayed at the top right. Often the score per task gives a good orientation on how much time you should invest.

Yes, you can rely on this. See FAQ "When and how are answers saved?"
 One request: After you get back to the exam overview, please log out of the system, especially if other people have access to your computer.

Don't worry, the answers you entered have been saved. If the browser stops responding when you time out or log out, first try refreshing the page (e.g. by pressing F5). If this does not help, close the browser (Windows: Alt-F4 or if necessary via the task manager ->Ctrl + Alt + Del). If the exam is registered in the system as "canceled", it will be closed by the E-Assessment team on the system side. You can also log in again and check the status yourself. If you then re-enter the exam, you can submit normally.
Hint: It is not necessary to click on submit exactly in the second of the time lapse, because this often creates exactly this problem ;)

The display of the result is deactivated in almost all online exams at request of the exam administrators, especially in exams with open questions that still need to be re-evaluated. So it is completely normal if you don't see a result there.