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Online exams

The last two Corona semesters have presented not only teaching but also the examination system with the challenge of finding contact-free alternative formats. For the examinations of the 2021 summer semester, the university management strongly recommends that online formats continue to be used.
 We present here a number of such formats that can be proposed to the examination boards as alternatives to the current face-to-face examinations.

Oral examinations via web conferencing systems

Oral examinations, papers, lectures and presentations within the meaning of AT-BPO §9 can also be conducted using video and web conferencing systems.


Open Book examinations via the LTS3

Open Book examinations are characterised by the fact that they are written simultaneously online at the student's home workstation within a limited period of time and that any materials such as books and recordings may be used. The LTS3 examination system (further development of the test centre software) is particularly recommended for large numbers of participants (>100).


Take Home Exam

The Take Home Exam is a variant of the Open Book exams. The common feature is that any materials such as books and recordings may be used and that mainly open questions with complex problem solutions are asked. The main difference to synchronous open book examinations is that a written paper has to be prepared within a period of 6 to 48 hours with free time allocation and thus the technical requirements and risks are very low.


File submission via time-controlled file folders

With the function of time-controlled file sharing, folders and the files they contain can be made visible or invisible to the participants of an event for a certain period of time.


Quiz series

The quiz series aims to integrate smaller examinations distributed over the semester into the normal course operation within the framework of a portfolio examination and thus to keep the burden on students and teachers low, especially at the end of the lecture.