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Types of eassessment

Three categories of e-assessments can be distinguished depending on the timing and objective of the assessment:

Diagnostic Assessments

Before a learning unit

  • Enable self-assessment
  • Capture prior knowledge
  • Adapt teaching
  • Grading
  • Select applicants

Formative Assessments

During a learning unit

  • Enable self-assessment
  • Steering learning processes
  • Survey the learning status
  • Adapt teaching

Summative Assessments

After completion of a learning unit

  • Review learning outcomes
  • Assess
  • Certify

The e-assessment working group of the ZMML supports teachers at the University of Bremen in using the following assessment scenarios. Under each link you will find an introduction to the goals and process of each assessment scenario, as well as information on the tasks of the assessment officers and the services the ZMML can provide.

Formative E-Assessments