Minuti tal-konferenzi u l-laqgħat tal-GĦILM

Maltese Linguistics on the Danube

Čéplö, Slavomír and Jaroslav Drobný (eds.). 2020. Maltese Linguistics on the Danube (STTYP 24). Berlin & Boston: De Gruyter Mouton.



Maltese and North African linguistics: Common roots and areal divergence

Lameen Souag


The diachrony of word-final obstruent devoicing in Maltese

Andrei A. Avram


The history of the Maltese short vowels

Marijn van Putten


An observation on the ḥāl construction in Maltese

Sumikazu Yoda


Minsel. An etymological database for lexemes of Arabic origin in Maltese

Kurstin Gatt



Will it agree or not? Syntactic overgeneralization leading to agreement mismatches in Maltese

Mark Amaira und Albert Borg


Argument extension in Maltese

Ray Fabri


Lanqas, negative concord and predicate negation in Maltese

Slavomír Čéplö und Christopher Lucas


From variation towards the grammar of Maltese prepositions – first steps

Thomas Stolz und Nataliya Levkovych


Form and behavior of Maltese prepositions – A usage-based approach

Emeli Schmidt, Maike Vorholt und Nele Witt



To be or not to be an affricate – affricated stops in Maltese

Marie Azzopardi-Alexander


Revisiting the definite article in Maltese

Luke Galea und Leanne Ellul

Titelseite Studia Typologica 21

Tabungsband 5. Lingwistika Maltija

Saade, Benjamin & Mauro Tosco (eds.). 2017. Advances in Maltese Linguistics. (Studia Typologica 21). Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton.


Benjamin Saade and Mauro Tosco
Maltese linguistics: What is new?


Part 1: New looks into the past
Andrei A. Avram
On the phonology of Sicilian Arabic and early Maltese 

Carles Biosca and Carles Castellanos
Aspects of the comparison between Maltese, Mediterranean Lingua Franca and the Occitan-Catalan linguistic group


Part 2: Maltese, and just Maltese

Ray Fabri and Albert Borg
Modifiers and complements within the Maltese verb sequence

Slavomír “bulbul” Čéplö
Focus particles in Maltese: A corpus survey 

Thomas Stolz and Carolin Ahrens
On prepositional ellipsis and the factors which block its application in Maltese


Part 3: Beyond Maltese, now and then

Amany Al-Sayyed and David Wilmsen
Verbal negation with muš in Maltese and Eastern Mediterranean Arabics

Gilbert Puech
Maltese kiteb vs. Tunisian (Sūsa) ktib 

Marie Azzopardi-Alexander
The phonetic study of speakers along the Maltese-English continuum 

Lydia Sciriha
The visibility and salience of Maltese in bilingual Malta’s linguistic landscape 

Kees Versteegh
The myth of the mixed languages

Titelseite Studia Typologica 19

Puech, Gilbert and Benjamin Saade (eds.). 2016. Shifts and Patterns in Maltese (STTYP 19). Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton.


Martine Vanhove: From Maltese phonology to morphogenesis: A tribute to David Cohen


Part I: Phonology

Gilbert Puech: Minimalist representation of Maltese sounds

Andrei A. Avram: Phonological changes in Maltese: Evidence from onomastics

Alexandra Vella, Flavia Chetcuti and Sarah Agius: Lengthening as a discourse strategy in Maltese: Phonetic and phonological characteristics


Part II: Morphology & Syntax

Maris Camilleri: How inflectional morphology meets subcategorization frame distinctions in Maltese 

Hans-Jörg Döhla: The origin of differential object marking in Maltese 

David Wilmsen: Polar interrogative -š in Maltese: Developments and antecedents 

Thomas Stolz and Benjamin Saade: On short and long forms of personal pronouns in Maltese 

Christopher Lucas and Michael Spagnol: Connecting /t/ in Maltese numerals 


Part III: Contact, Bilingualism & Technology

George Farrugia: Languages in contact. Is the gender assignment system in Maltese undergoing change? 

Bernard Comrie and Michael Spagnol: Maltese loanword typology 

Marie Azzopardi-Alexander: Language profiling: The weaving of Maltese and English in Maltese children’s conversations 

John J. Camilleri: Digitizing the grammar and vocabulary of Maltese 

Perspective on Maltese Linguistics

Borg, Albert; Caruana, Sandro & Alexandra Vella (eds.). 2014. Perspectives on Maltese Linguistics (STTYP 14). München: Akademie Verlag.


Historical Studies

Arnold Cassola - A note on the dating of ħ, għ and x in Maltese

Martin R. Zammit - The Sfaxi (Tunisian) element in Maltese

Daniele Baglioni-  Italian loanwords in Maltese and the vocabulary od "Levant Italian"


Phonological Studies

Gilbert Puech - Prime constituents od Maltese sounds

Alexandra Vella, Michael Spagnol, Sarah Grech & Flavia Chetcuti - The role of silence in spoken Maltese: durational and distributional characteristics of breaks and pauses


Morphological Studies

Phyllisienne Gauci & Maris Camilleri - Syncretism in Maltese: the case of the dual

Thomas Mayer, MIchael Spagnol & Florian Schönberger - Fixing the broken plural in Maltese


Syntactic Studies

Maris Camilleri - The Maltese restrictive relative clause

Slavomír "Bulbul" Čéplö - An overview of object reduplication in Maltese

Christopher Lucas - Indefinites and negative concord in Maltese: towards a dynamic account

Thomas Stolz - It-tlieta li aħna = the three of us. Numerically quantified person reference


Maltese in the digital age

Mark Borg, Keith Bugeja, Colin Vella, Gordon Mangion & Carmel Gafà - Preparation of a free-runing text corpus for Maltese concatenative speech synthesis

Lara Vella - Language used in Internet chatting and its effect on spelling

Maltese Variation and Change cover

Caruana, Sandro, Fabri, Ray and Tomas Stolz (eds.). 2012. Variation and Change: The Dynamics of Maltese in Space, Time and Society (STTYP 9). Berlin: Akademie Verlag.


Part I: The Lexicon and Variation

Albert Borg: Lectal variation in Maltese

Joseph M. Brincat: Describing literary Maltese: concordances to Dun Karm and Rużar Briffa

Antoinette Camilleri Grima: Giving compliments in Maltese

Lara Brincat & Sandro Caruana: il-Malti Mgħaġġel - Maltese in computer-mediated chat conversations

Ray Fabri: The language of young people and language change in Malta

Laura Mori: Linguistic variation in legal Maltese - EU directives compared to national implementation laws


Part II: Morphology and Syntax

Maris Camilleri: On pronominal verbal enclitics in Maltese

Michael Spagnol: The causative-inchoative alternation in Maltese

Thomas Stolz: The possessive relative clause in Maltese


Part III: Phonology

Marie Azzopardi-Alexander: The vowel system of Xlukkajr and Naduri

Alexandra Vella, Michael Spagnol, Sarah Grech & Flavia Chetcuti: A preliminary investigation of filled pauses in Maltese

Gilbert Puech: Syllabic structure and stress in Maltese

Introducing Maltese Linguistics

Comrie, B., Fabri, R., Mifsud, M., Stolz, T., & Vanhove, M. (eds.). 2009. Introducing Maltese Linguistics. Selected papers from the 1st International Conference on Maltese Linguistics, Bremen, 18–20 October, 2007. Studies in Language Companion Series, 113. Amsterdam; Philadelphia: John Benjamins.



Maltese and the World Atlas of Language Structures

Bernard Comrie



Vowel duration and Maltese 'għ'

Elizabeth Hume, Jennifer Venditti, Alexandra Vella and Samantha Gett


On Maltese prosody

Alexandra Vella



Topicalisation in Maltese

Albert Borg and Marie Azzopardi-Alexander


A head-driven phrase structure grammar for Maltese

Stefan Müller 


Complex predicates in Maltese: From a neo-Arabic perspective

Utz Maas 


Splitting the verb chain in modern literary Maltese

Thomas Stolz


"Pseudo-verbs": An analysis of non-verbal (co-)predication in Maltese

John Peterson



Compounding and adjective-noun compounds in Maltese

Ray Fabri 


Auditory and visual lexical decision in Maltese

Adam Ussishkin and Alina Twist


Electronic language resources for Maltese

Michael Rosner



The Vowel system of Cantilena: Its historical development

Sumikazu Yoda


The shaping of Maltese throughout the centuries: Linguistic evidences from a diachronic-typological analysis

Laura Mori


"Imma l'oriġinal oriġinali?": A noun-adjective opposition in some Maltese word-classes of Romance origin

Manwel Mifsud 


A different kind of gender problem: Maltese loan-word gender from a typological perspective



Terminology of Italian origin used in EU Maltese: A case of linguistic "Europeanisation"?

Sandro Caruana 



Diglossia: Variation on a theme

Antoinette Camilleri Grima


Maltese English: History of use, structural variation and sociolinguistic status

Lisa M. Bonnici 

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