CANCELLED Prof. Dr. Oya Beyan | Reuse for real-world data as evidence in medical research | ONLINE

Veranstalter:in : Prof. Dr. Hans-Günther Döbereiner
Ort : Zoom
Beginn : 14. Juni 2023, 16:15 Uhr
Ende : 14. Juni 2023, 18:00 Uhr

Der Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Oya Beyan wurde abgesagt. Ein neuer Termin wird auf der Webseite unserer Ringvorlesung  mitgeteilt. 

Reuse for real-world data as evidence in medical research: Can FDOs improve FAIRness of MII Medical Data Integration Centers? 

Prof. Dr. Oya Beyan, Medizininformatik, Universität Köln


Real-world data becomes an important source of information to validate biomarkers, develop personalized treatments, and respond to emergencies such as outbreaks. To address this demand, the Medical Informatics Initiative of Germany established Medical Data Integration Centers (DICs) in Univesity Hospitals, and in the extension phase starting this year, more hospitals will become members (https://www.medizininformatik-initiative.de/en/start). Each DICs curates patient data from operational healthcare systems and publish them as searchable research data sets. Each of the centers applies FAIR data principles to bring more data into research, though these data sets are not well known outside of the medical research community. FDOs can help to make these resources more accessible by other domains and machines. In this talk, we will introduce the current state of FAIRness of the MII Data Integration centers and will provide a visional outlook on how FDOs can take us further.