Prof. Dr. Karl Mannheim (Universität Würzburg): Electromagnetic energy extraction from black holes

Veranstalter:in : FB01, Prof. Dr. Claus Lämmerzahl
Ort : Hörsaal H3, Geb. NW1, Otto-Hahn-Allee 1, 28359 Bremen
Beginn : 23. Mai 2024, 16:00 Uhr
Ende : 23. Mai 2024, 17:00 Uhr

Prof. Dr. Karl Mannheim
Universität Würzburg

Electromagnetic energy extraction from black holes

Black holes represent the ultimate physics laboratories for testing theories from quantum-gravitational to astrophysical scales. In astrophysics, black holes form by accretion and mergers leading to the formation of a plasma-filled corotating region of spacetime around them:
the ergosphere. Physical processes in the ergosphere give rise to a plethora of phenomena which can be studied using the methods of multi-messenger astroparticle physics and numerical simulations.
Progress has been achieved in the understanding of the formation of Poynting-flux driven jets converting the rotational energy of the black holes into accelerated relativistic particles and magnetic fields, highlighting the importance of plasma kinetic processes such as anomalous resistivity. Further breakthroughs in our understanding of the role of black holes in the non-thermal Universe can be expected from next-generation multi-messenger instruments delivering huge data volumes that require novel analysis techniques for testing theories by comparing with in-depth numerical simulations.