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The working group "Media Education - Didactical Design of Interactive Learning Environments" is part of the faculty of educational sciences. The core fields of activities are:

  • Educational design (didactics): as a part of general didactics questions about how to design media and how to implement them into teaching and learning processes effectively are in the focus. Current projects within the field are:
    • E-assessment for enhancing diagnostics of functional an-alphabets
    • Design of participative online courses with Web2.0 tools
    • Enhancing Internet based learning communities
    • E-portfolios in local schools
  • Media Education: In an educational and critical perspective, this field focuses on children’s, adolescents’ and adults’ relationship, their use and appropriation of media in educational contexts.
  • The working group defines media literacy / media competence as successful participation in a participative online culture, which is a pre-requisite for life-long learning processes. The group therefore concentrates on the following areas withing the enhancement of media literacy / media competence:
    • Studying on the Internet (E-General Studies offered by the University of Bremen)
    • Teaching on the Internet: basic media knowledge in higher education in didactic fields for teacher students
    • Non-school media education in the context of (pre-)vocational learning processes for at-risk learners
    • Continuous professional development (CPD) for teachers in the context of educationally reasonable use of new media.
  • Deployment of media in researching teaching processes: In order to study teaching processes the working group is developing means of experience samplings by using mobile devices as well as analysing those processes.

Short vita of Karsten D. Wolf: Dr. Karsten D. Wolf is professor for “Didactical Design of Interactive Learning Environments” at the University of Bremen, and head of the research lab Educational Media | Media Education at Germany’s leading center for mediatization research (ZeMKI; http://www.zemki.uni-bremen.de/index.php?id=131&L=1). He is specialized in E-Assessment, participative online learning and learning with video. At University Bamberg he has overseen the didactical design and technical implementation of the virtual university of Bavaria’s school of education. With a strong empirical background his main research interests are the design and evaluation of E-Learning; implementation of didactical models with interactive media; effectiveness of learning software; software services for CoPs and informal learning; alternative assessment with interactive media; E-Assessment of complex competencies; as well as analysis and modelling of learning processes.