Application Subjects

Currently, one of the following 9 application subjects can be chosen:

The following modules are offered, whereby those modules already completed in the bachelor's program can not be chosen.

Note: This application subject cannot be taken in English!

Module NumberModule Title (english)Module Title (german)CPSemesterType*
Öko 1Evolutionary Biology and EcologyEvolution und Ökologie6WinterCE
Öko 2Ecology and BiodiversityÖkologie und Biodiversität6SummerCE
Bio 1Structure and Function of Invertebrate AnimalsStruktur und Funktion wirbelloser Tiere6WinterCE
Bio 2Biology of the CellZellbiologie6WinterCE
Bio 3BotanyBotanik9SummerCE
Bio 4Plant and Animal DiversityFormenkenntnis6SummerCE
MBW 1BiochemistryBiochemie6SummerCE
MBW 2Microbiology and Genetics 2Mikrobiologie und Genetik 29WinterCE
MBW 3Molecular Genetics and Molecular Cell BiologyMolekulare Genetik und Molekulare Zellbiologie6SummerCE
MeerMarine HabitatsMarine Lebensräume3SummerCE
NHZ 1Neurobiology, Human Biology and Zoology 1Neurobiologie, Humanbiologie, Zoologie 19WinterCE
PflanzphysPlant PhysiologyPflanzenphysiologie3SummerCE

* Module Types: C = Compulsory, CE = Compulsory Elective, E = Elective

All Module Description can be found here (in German).