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Die Veranstaltungsreihe  "Diginomics-Lunchtime" wird im Sommersemester 2020 ausschließlich in digitaler Form über die Plattform "Zoom" abgehalten. Sollten Sie sich Zugang zu den Seminaren wünschen, wenden Sie sich bitte per E-Mail an uns.

Diginomics Brownbag Seminar im Sommersemester 2020

22. April 12:00 UhrPatent management in times of Blockchain technologyNils Denter
Diginomics Graduate Group
06. Mai 12:00 UhrDigital Incubators - A Chance to Overcome Entrepreneurs' Resource GapsTatevik Narimanyan
Diginomics Graduate Group
13. Mai 12:00 UhrConversational AI as an companion-tool to create new ideas and innovations based on the Sustainable Development Goals
Frederike Bursee
Diginomics Graduate Group
20. Mai 12:00 UhrCryptocurrencies in Finance
Steffen Günther
Diginomics Graduate Group
27. Mai 12:00 UhrEnergy Revolution, Digitalization and Labor Markets: The Impact on Growth and DistributionPhilipp Hohn
Diginomics Graduate Group
03. Juni 12:00 UhrGenerativity and Growth in Digital PlatformsProf. Dr. Daniel Fürstenau
Freie Universität Berlin
10. Juni 12:00 UhrIntroduction to Brand Loyalty in Voice ShoppingNastaran Taherparvar
Diginomics Graduate Group
17. Juni 12:00 Uhr
Raising task state awareness in teams by means of Augmented Reality
Prof. Dr. Annette Kluge
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
24. Juni 12:00 UhrA Preference for Revision Absent Objective Improvement
Ximena Garcia-Rada
Harvard University
01. Juli 12:00 UhrDigital X and Digital PracticeAbayomi Baiyere, PhD
Department of Digitalization, Copenhagen Business School
16. Juli 12:00 UhrAutomation, Employment, and Wages: Is This Time Different?
Prof. Dr. Melanie Arntz
ZEW Mannheim und Universität Heidelberg

Diginomics Brownbag Seminar im Wintersemester 2019/2020

16. Oktober 12:00 UhrRaum WiWi2 F4090Robots and FirmsProf. Dr. Michael Koch
Aarhus University
23. Oktober 12:00 UhrRaum WiWi2 F4090Can Television Reduce Xenophobia? The Case of East GermanyProf. Dr. Lars Hornuf
Diginomics Group
30. Oktober 12:00 UhrRaum WiWi2 F4090"Aber das Programm hat gesagt..." - Management-Entscheidungen, Künstliche Intelligenz und Big Data AnalyticsDr. Veronica Hoch
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
06. November 12:00 UhrRaum WiWi2 F4090Lock-in Effects in Online Labor MarketsEliza Stenzhorn
DFG Group Crowdsourcing as a New Form of Organizing Labor Relations
13. November 12:00 UhrRaum WiWi2 F4090Investor vs. Investment Return: The Curious Case of Systematic Investment StrategiesDr. Moritz Heiden
20. November 12:00 UhrRaum WiWi2 F4090The Social Dilemma of Big DataKirsten Hillebrand
University of Bremen
27. November 12:00 UhrRaum WiWi2 F4090Algorithm Aversion in Financial InvestingProf. Dr. Christoph Merkle
Kühne Logistics University
12. Dezember 12:00 UhrRaum WiWi2 F4090AI as Information Infrastructure and the Future of FirmsProf. Youngjin Yoo
Case Western Reserve University
18. Dezember 12:00 Uhr
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Raum WiWi2 F4090Digitalisierung in Business InkubatorenTate Narimanyan
Diginomics Graduate Group
08. Januar 12:00 UhrRaum WiWi2 F4090Location Based TargetingProf. Dr. Martin Spann
LMU Munich
15. Januar 12:00 UhrRaum WiWi2 F4090The Development of Personality Traits in Work Context: What Role Does Gainful Employment, in Particular Digitization, Management Behavior and Social Employment Relations, Play in The Development of Personality Traits?Martina Schaper
University of Bremen
23. Januar 12:00 Uhr
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Raum WiWi2 F4090Automation, Employment, and Wages: Is This Time Different?Prof. Dr. Melanie Arntz
ZEW Mannheim und Universität Heidelberg
29. Januar 12:00 UhrRaum WiWi2 F4090The Race for Technological Leadership in Artificial IntelligenceMatheus Eduardo Leusin
Diginomics Graduate Group

Diginomics Brownbag Seminar im Sommersemester 2019

03. April 12:00 UhrRaum WiWi2 F4090Risk Simulations in Online Financial AdviceProf. Dr. Stefan Zeisberger
Unicersity of Zurich
Radbound University
10. April 12:00 UhrRaum WiWi2 F4090Which Preferences Have Crowdworkers?
A Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis
Lisa Nagel
DFG Group Crowdsourcing as a New Form of Organizing Labor Relations
17. April 12:00 UhrRaum WiWi2 F4090Democratizing Algorithmic Fairness, or Why Automated Decison-Making is PoliticalDr. Pak-Hang Wong
University of Hamburg
24. April 12:00 UhrRaum WiWi2 F4090Smart Grids meet Average Consumers
An Experimental Study on the Behavioral Consequences of Flexible Energy Provision
Dr. Thomas Lauer
University of Cologne
08. Mai 12:00 UhrRaum WiWi2 F4090Identifying Fraud in Initial Coin OfferingsTheresa Kück
Diginomics Graduate Group
15. Mai 12:00 UhrRaum WiWi2 F4090Data Science and StatisticsPD Dr. Theo Berger
University of Bremen
22. Mai 12:00 UhrRaum WiWi2 F4090The Race for Technological Leadership in Atificial IntelligenceMatheus Eduardo Leusin
Diginomics Graduate Group
Robotversity Management: The Potential of Human-Robotics-Teams in Tomorrow's Wolrd of WorkDenis Pijetlovic
Diginomics Graduate Group
29. Mai 12:00 UhrRaum WiWi2 F4090Demystifying "Blockchain": Clearing up Common Misconceptions and MythsMichel Rauchs
Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance
University of Cambridge
05. Juni 12:00 UhrRaum WiWi2 F4090Digitale Geldanlage: Money and ModelsProf. Dr. Stefan Mittnik
LMU Munich
12. Juni 12:00 UhrRaum WiWi2 F4090Does Monetary Policy Matter for the German 'Hausmarkt'? Evidence based on ImmobilienScout24Prof. Dr. Torben Klarl
Diginomics Research Group
19. Juni 18:00 UhrRaum WiWi2 F4090Learning from Social StreamsProf. Dr. Eirini Ntoutsi
Leibnitz University Hannover and L3S Research Center
26. Juni 12:00 UhrRaum WiWi2 F4090Artificial Intelligence and Firm Growth - Catch-up processes of SMEs through integrating AI into the knowledge baseAlexander Kopka
Diginomics Graduate Group
How to Get Them to TalkHendrik Hinrichs
Diginomics Graduate Group
03. Juli 12:00 UhrRaum WiWi2 F4090Design and Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems
Challenges and Recent Developments
Prof. Dr. Rolf Drechsler
University of Bremen and German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence
10. Juli 12:00 UhrRaum WiWi2 F4090New Competence Requirements in Organizations due to DigitizationMichèle Rieth
Diginomics Graduate Group