Jutta Günther and Maciej Grodzicki attend Conference at University College London

On June 26 to 27, 2017 Jutta Günther and Maciej Grodzicki attend an international conference at University College London on "Exploring technology upgrading in emerging and transition economies: from 'shifting wealth I' to 'shifting wealth II'.

Jutta Günther will chair a session on "Technology upgrading, trade, and global value chains", and Maciej Grodzicki will present one of his recent papers entitled "Between creation and extraction of value: international price differences and upgrading in global value chains". The conference is bringing together scholars who focus on the role of technology and innovation for catching-up development. Invited keynote speakers will be Marianna Mazzucato (UCL), Keun Lee (Seoul National University), and Maria Savona (Sussex University).

The working group of Jutta Günther has long been connected to UCL, both to the School of Slavonic and East European Studies and the Economics Department. We are happy to continue the fruitful scientific cooperation and exchange.