Matheus E. Leusin participates and presents research results at DRUID 2021 in Copenhagen

After being canceled last year due to the pandemic, DRUID was back this year in an offline format. The traditional conference on innovation, dynamic structural and institutional changes took place in Copenhagen, Denmark, from October 18th to 20th.

In addition to taking part in the conference, Matheus E. Leusin also presented a research paper ( co-authored with Björn Jindra and Daniel S. Hain. The paper entitled “AI’s local patterns of innovation” discusses how technologies related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) changed in the last four decades, and how AI was incorporated into the technological paths of countries identified as leading the development of this technology (namely Japan, the USA, South Korea, and China) in this same period. Using patents as a proxy for innovations, the paper finds out that the local development of AI is weakly influenced by changes in AI’s innovation patterns. Instead, the considered countries developed AI locally by creating innovations in areas in which they held some kind of specialization, regardless of the relatedness between these areas and AI technologies.

Matheus Leusin