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PhD course “Innovation in Transition Economies” – Summer School Teaching by Jutta Günther

From July 21st to August 2nd 2019, the 13th Summer School on “The Economics of Innovative Change” takes place at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany. The Summer School is organized annually by the Chair of Microeconomics of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics. It brings together PhD students, postdoc researchers and senior scientists to discuss their ongoing research and engage in courses offered by international speakers.

This year, Jutta Günther was invited as instructor of the PhD course “Innovation in Transition Economies”. In this course, which took place on July 25-26, she presented about the theoretical foundation of system transformation, empirical insights about the transition of former socialist countries and lessons to learn from the East German experience. In this course, she also referred to the ongoing research activities related to the recently launched project “Mod-Block-DDR”. The Summer School teaching offered a unique opportunity to discuss in an excellent scientific environment the long term economic effects of socialism with respect to institutional change. 


Prof. Dr. Jutta Günther