40 years of Artificial Intelligence: Matheus Leusin presents a paper on the emergence of AI

On January 19th and January 28th, 2020, Matheus E. Leusin presented his working paper entitled “An evolutionary view on the emergence of Artificial Intelligence” in two distinct events. The first presentation was given during the international Workshop "The Economics and Management of AI Technologies", which took place digitally on January 19th. This was the second edition of the workshop, which is organized annually by a network of international researchers working on themes related to AI. The second presentation was given during the “1st Diginomics Conference”, which took place digitally on January 28th. This conference focused on exchanging information about the ongoing research of the members of the Diginomics group, which Matheus is part of at the University of Bremen.

The paper presented in both events, co-authored by Björn Jindra (University of Bremen) and Daniel S. Hain (University of Aalbor), analyses how AI innovations have changed over the last four decades, and how these changes possibly affected the technological development of countries exploring AI. Some of its results highlight the increasing complexity of AI innovations, and that countries exploring these technologies managed to increase the average complexity of their innovations.

The working paper is available at:

Matheus Leusin