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Felix Lüders, M.Sc.

Felix Lüders (kurzes, blondes Haar)

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter


Enrique-Schmidt-Straße 1
28359 Bremen
WiWi1 – Gebäude, Raum A3200

Telefon: +49 (0)421 218-66554



• Institutional perspectives on the MNE
• Business-Institutional Coevolution
• Institutions and Economic Development

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Education and Academic Positions

Since 2017:     Research Assistant/PhD Student, University of Bremen

2015 – 2017:   M.Sc. in International Management, Entrepreneurship and Marketing, University of Bremen

2012 – 2015:   B.Sc. in Business Studies, University of Bremen


Academic Workshops & Conferences

June 2019:       Academy of International Business (AIB) Annual Meeting 2019, Kopenhagen

April 2019:        AIB Western Europe Doctoral Student Workshop, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Nuremberg

March 2019:     Meta Analysis Workshop, VHB, Hamburg

April 2018:        International Business Masterclasses, Henley Business School, Reading

January 2018:   Applied Statistical Analysis in with SPSS, University of Bremen, Bremen


Teaching Experience

Summer term 2019:    International Management, BSc, University of Bremen

Spring term 2019:       Fundamentals of International Business, BSc, Jacobs University Bremen

Research Interests

My major research interest is the interplay of institutions and multinational enterprises, which is also reflected in the topic of my dissertation project. As the literature in international business generally agrees that institutions matter, my specific research objectives are to examine which institutions matter and how they matter. Based on the various definitions of institutions reaching from institutional economics to organizational institutionalists, my goal is to further delineate the construction of institutions in a globalized world. In this regard, important topics are the effect of institutions on companies and the companies response as well as the possibility of countries to use institutions to pursue specific (development) strategies.

However, I have several other research interests which partly originate in my pre-doctoral studies, but also in the daily work with colleagues and students. In my master study, I investigated the growing importance of emerging markets resulting from the increasing number of MNEs and the growing fragmentation of global value chains. Hence, I am especially interested in how these markets can attract FDI and how MNEs contribute to the development of capabilities in these economies. In this context, general internationalization theories including the eclectic paradigm or internalization theory offer initial explanations, which are useful to further enlighten the effects of globalization including upgrading, spillovers, linkages and knowledge transfer. Although my main motivation is to examine the moderating effect of institutions on these processes, I aim to achieve a comprehensive understanding of general concepts of international business with the goal to further develop my own research. Moreover, I am interested in the role of entrepreneurship, especially returnee entrepreneurship, on the economic situation of a country and how the greater policy context may stimulate an entrepreneurial spirit in developing countries.

Ultimately, my goal is to set my specific research on institutions into the broader international business context and contribute to the ongoing discussion on the effects of globalization and how its gains are distributed. Combining these interests, I am also aiming at examining the contribution of institutions to participate in and spread the gains of globalization which might deliver important results and offer a new perspective on how business and institutions interact to achieve economic growth and act socially responsibly.