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  • Dr. Antonio Javier Jiménez CalianiDiabetes and Obesity Center of Excellence University of Washington“Alpha-catenin: an important player in b-cell development”
  • Prof. Guy A. RutterHead of Section of Cell Biology, Department of Medicine, Imperial College London, "GLP-1 regulation of pancreatic islet connectivity"
  • Prof. Noel Morgan, Director, Institute of Biomedical & Clinical Science, University of Exeter Medical SchoolUK, “Beta-cell enteroviral infection in type 1 diabetes – fact or fiction?

  • Prof. Milind G Watve, Pune University India, Type 2 diabetes: the dynamics of blood, brain, behavior and beta cell
  • Prof. Dr. Eckhard LammertInstitut für Stoffwechselphysiologie, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, Pancreatic beta cells –ancient insulin-secreting neurons
  • Prof. Dr. R. Kulkarni Department of Cell Biology, Harvard Medical School, Boston/USA 
    Insulin Signaling, Insulin Processing and Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Pancreatic beta cells

  • Prof. Dr. George Holz, Prof. of Medicine, Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY, USA "New chemistry for diabetes: cAMP sensor Epac2 and its Role in the Regulation of Pancreatic Insulin Secretion"
  • Chunguang Chen, PhD, Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen "NF-κB Activity Induced by Inflammatory Cytokines under Transplantation Environment Impairs Pancreatic Islet Survival and Intraportal Transplantation Outcome"

  • Prof. Christian Herder, German Diabetes Center Institute for Clinical Diabetology Heinrich Heine University Dusseldorf, Germany: Subclinical inflammation and type 2 diabetes

  • Prof. Benoit GauthierDpt. of Cellular Physiology and Metabolism University Geneva Medical Center, Geneva, Switzerland: The transcription factors PDX1 and PAX4 control pancreatic β-cell function and mass
  • Dr. Ayman Hyder, Institut für Physiologie und Biochemie der Ernährung Bundesforschungsanstalt für Ernährung und Lebensmittel, Kiel, From Stem Cells to Islets

    We have presented our work at....


    ... the EASD meeting 2014 in Vienna:


    • W. Hei: TLR4 inhibition blocks cytokine production and restores beta cell survival in human pancreatic islets
    • N. Busse: AKT/JNK switch induces beta cell apoptosis as part of TLR3 signalling during Coxsackievirus infection
    • Z. Azizi: Highly-efficient MSCs fusion with beta cells results in beta cell-like phenotype
    • K. Stolz: Siglec F knockout impairs glucose stimulated insulin secretion in isolated mouse islets


    ...the EASD meeting 2013 in Barcelona:


    • G. Dharmadhikari: Siglec-7 is down-regulated in inflamed islets and activated peripheral mononuclear cells and restores beta cell function and survival
    • P. Shah P.: Angiogenic factors regulate beta cell function


    ... the EASD meeting 2012 in Berlin:


    • F. Paroni: Coxsackievirus initiates strong immune response and death of beta cells
    • P. Shah: CXCL10 antagonism improves insulin sensitivity, inflammation, beta cell function, survival and mass
    • K.S. Zien: FABP5 depletion protects from diabetes
    • A. Ardestani: MST1 mediates beta cell failure by targeting BIM and destabilising PDX1
    • A. Meyer: Non-invasive in vivo analysis of beta cell function and mass by MRI
    • K. Stolz: The adipocytokines Nampt and vaspin have no effect on beta cell survival but potentiate glucose stimulated insulin secretion


    ... the German Islet Meeting 2011 in Freiburg: Kathrin Maedler, Amin Ardestani, Luan Shuh, Erna Domsgen

    ... the American Diabetes Association Meeting 2011 in San Diego:


    • Amin Ardestani: Mammalian sterile 20-like kinase 1 (MST1) mediates pancreatic β-cell apoptosis
    • Federico Paroni: Endosomal TLR3 activation initiates virus-induced b-cell death


    ... the EASD meeting 2011 in Lisbon:


    • E. Domsgen: Endosomal TLR3 activation by Coxsackievirus initiates strong immune response and death of beta cells
    • K.S. Zien: FABP5 depletion protects from gluco- and lipotoxicity in beta cells
    • G. Dharmadhikari: Siglec 7 improves beta cell function and survival by inhibition of cytokine expression and secretion
    • K. Maedler: TCF7L2 plays a role in beta cell regeneration


    ... the Endocrine Society Meeting 2010 in San Diego:


    • Kathrin Maedler: TLR4 in islets


    ... the American Diabetes Association Meeting 2010 in Orlando:


    • Kathrin Maedler: TCF7L2 & GLP-1-is there a connection?
    • Payal Shah, Desiree M Schumann, Amin Ardestani, Luan Shu, Federico Paroni, Julie Kerr-Conte, Thomas Klein, and Kathrin Maedler: The DPP-4 inhibitor linagliptin restores β-cell function in human isolated islets


    ... the EASD meeting 2010 in Stockholm:


    • Amin Ardestani: MST1 mediates β-cell apoptosis and impaired function
    • Gitanjali Dharmadhikari: Siglecs are differentially expressed in pancreatic islets and regulate β-cell function and survival
    • Erna Domsgen: Virus-induced b-cell death depends on CXCL10 and the AKT-JNK-PKR crosstalk
    • Kathrin Maedler: Identification of an intracellular metabolic signature impairing b-cell function
    • Kathrin Maedler: Symposium: “From genetic association to molecular mechanism and pathophysiology”, lecture title: “TCF7


    ... the EASD meeting 2009 in Vienna


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