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We love islets!

KM. We Love Islets
Our 1st Lab in @Uni Bremen

...and our 10th Islet Lab Anniversary

The Islet Lab

Centre for Biomolecular Interactions Bremen
Leobener Strasse 5 in NW2, Rooms B2060-2100
28359 Bremen, Germany

phone: +49-421-218-63290 (Kathrin`s office)
phone: +49-421-218-63291 (fellow`s office)
phone: +49-421-218-63292 to -6 (lab)

Wound Healing Laboratory

Prof. Dr. Ursula Mirastschijski

mirastscprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

Mira is scientist and clinician. Her Lab works on novel strategies for scar-free wound healing.

Especially for patients with diabetes.

Members of the Lab

Director of the Laboratory

Kathrin Maedler, PhD

kmaedlerprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de


Katrischa Hennekens

katrischa.hennekensprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

Senior Scientist/ Hippo Group Leader

Amin Ardestani, PhD

ardestani.aminprotect me ?!gmailprotect me ?!.com

PhD student

Heena Pahwa, M.Sc.

Heena identifies tissue specific miRNAs and their contribution to diabetes

PhD student

Huan Liu, M.Sc.

Huan studies mechanisms of virus-mediated autoimmunity

PhD student

Shirin Geravandi, M.Sc.

Shirin has identified enteroviruses in the pacreas as trigger of Type 1 Diabetes

PhD student

Murali Krishna Madduri, M.Sc.

Murali is specialist in developmental biology. He discovers how YAP re-introduction  induces regeneration of the beta-cell in the pancreas.

Master students

Indranuj Roy: Indra tests a small molecule for its efficacy to foster beta-cell regeneration

Solomon Yator: Solomon works on factors which influence beta-cell maturation and degeneration

Ujjaini Nath: Ujjani has identified a mitochondrial marker specifically in alpha-cells

Kagambo Douglas Bruno: Doug works on the Hippo pathway

Previous members

Dr. Blaž LupšeScientist @ Bayer Germany 
Dr. Janina OetjenScientist @ Bruker Germany 
Dr. Wei HeSenior Scientist @University of Braunschweig 
Dr. Karthika AnnamalaiSenior Scientist @University Hospital Göttingen 
Dr. Luan ShuProfessor @Nanjing Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Chinese Medicine 
Dr. Fabienne SchulthessAmgen, Dubai 
Dr. Nadine SauterUniversity Hospital in Zürich 
Dr. Ruth GlasBMS, Germany 
Dr. Erna DomsgenCenter for Infectious Medicine, Karolinska University Hospital in Malin Flodström-Tullberg's Lab 
Dr. Ayman HyderMax Rubner Institute, Kiel 

Dr. Federico Paroni

Senior Innovation Engineer, Electrolux, Italy

Dr. Niels BusseProduct Manager, Dianova, Hamburg 
Dr. Gitanjali DharmadhikariHubrecht Institute 

Dr. Payal Shah

Banting & Best Diabetes Centre, University of Toronto


Dr. Michael Hauke

University of Halle


Dr. Zahra Azizi

Professor @University of Tehran


Dr. Lei Ding

University of Leiden


Dr. Anke Meyer

University of Bremen

Dr. Ting YuanUniversity of Frankfurt 

Dr. Katharina Stolz

University of Bremen 

Dr. Kanaka Durga Devi Gorrepati

University of Bremen 
Svenja LaueMHH Hannover 
Maria SchlöckerCharité Berlin 
Madhura PanseUniversity Hospital in Tübingen, Susanne Ullrich's Lab 
Supreet KaurUniversity of Salzburg 
Michelle PengUCLA 
Michael MühleUCLA 
Russell KosikUCLA 
Dennis ChenUCLA 
Valerie ZamundoUCLA 
Nicole EhrhardtUCLA, VA 
Mehboob IslamNational Institute for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (NIBGE, Faisalabad, Pakistan) 
Jaaee JadhavUniversity of Bremen 
Katharina ZyromskiUniversity of Bremen 
Pia JansenUniversity of Bremen 
Benjamin PawlikUniversity of Bremen 
Amod GodboleUniversity of Bremen 
Vrushali KhobragadeUniversity of Strasbourg 

Sushil Aval

University of Strasbourg

Navina NüschenUniversity of Dortmund

Hazem Gamal

University of Helsinki
Volkan DuvanUniversity of Applied Service, Bremen
Hannes EichnerKarolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

Dawodu Damilola Modupe

Jacobs University, Bremen

Delsi Altenhofen

University of Düsseldorf
Anasua Pal

University of Heidelberg

Katrin Zien

University of Bremen

photo of members of the lab
Lab Summer Feast in the beer garden
photo of members of the lab
Again. Our Lab in the Uni campus beer garden

Our favourite thing: Research! And: Lab Birthday Celebrations in our kitchen

Endless summers in Bremen @Uni lake

photo of members of the lab
photo of members of the lab

UniParty 2019

In Memoriam, our beloved colleague Thaddeus Gbem, who past away too suddenly in October 2018
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