Presentation in the RTG-Contradiction Studies Colloquium

Helen Verran: Contradiction as Epistemic Affect. Using the logical operator of paradox in articulating epistemic decolonising"

In this presentation the verb dicto which lies at the core of 'contradiction', is taken literally as an expression of situated human embodiment. The effect of this analytic move works in two directions. It renders collective acts of word using as a form of expressive ontologising. Second, it affords contradiction as experiential, as a matter of epistemic affect. In this talk I develop this framing to demonstrate how the experience of contradiction might be deployed in imagining epistemic decolonising"

Building GW1, Room  A0150 & online:
Meeting-ID: 991 3260 1507, Kenncode: 788536

Thursday, 25th of May  2023, 18.00 to 19.30  (no registration necessary)

Here you can find more information on the presentation.