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Master Program: Transcultural Studies (MATS)

MATS - that is the short form for Transcultural Studies, M.A., a transdisciplinary program offered by the departments of Anthropology and Cultural Research, Religious Studies, and Literature Studies at University of Bremen since 2008.

MATS - that is contemporary social and cultural anthropology of modern societies.

MATS - that is postcolonial transformation, international links, and globalization.

Our students learn to look at relations of exchange, interlinkage, and innovation, as well as inequality and violence. In each specific case we deal with historical and political dimensions of transcultural processes and their specificity in different locations.

MATS focuses on research at the intersections of postcolonial studies and science and technology studies (STS). MATS engages in studying contemporary literature, visual culture and performativity. Urgent questions of post-migrant societies and ethnic plurality are tackled in the context of regimes, (super)diversity und critical whiteness research. A main focus of MATS research and teaching are cities and infrastructures (megacities, port cities, energy, resources, and disaster), as well as transnational organizations and regimes (NGOs, fair trade). Borders, coast and sea, and environmental debates are core areas of our transdisciplinary project [NatureCultures (NaturenKulturen)].

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