Funded Projects

(Universidad Mar del Plata, Argentinia) visiting Prof. T. M. Gesing (FB2, Solid State Chemical Crystallography)

7 November 2016 - 25 November 2016

The research stay was very fruitful from the research work viewpoint since it was possible to prepare and characterize the above described materials but also for learning techniques, methodologies, and procedures which are part of the expertise of the research group in Bremen. The photocatalytic activity characterization of the synthesized compounds is being carried out at my home group, since I was able to bring back to my home institution samples of all the obtained compounds.

The stay at the German group was also useful for learning about solids and their properties, I had the chance to attend a lecture of Prof. Dr. M. Mangir Murshed about distortions in solids. Therefore, all the experience gained within this exchange will be very useful for the preparation of the titania inverse opals, which constitutes one of the main goals of my PhD thesis.

The infrastructure and organization of the group led by Prof. Gesing not only made the stay very productive, but was also educative and enjoyable. New contacts with the members from the German group were created, and further collaborative work will follow after this stay.

Joaquin Hernán Ubogui
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