From Threat to Action: Understanding the Challenges of Climate Change and Pollution to develop Solutions

Christina C. Roggatz, Dynamic Ecological Chemistry, University of Bremen

Climate change and pollution pose a profound threat to our planet. The effects of both of these anthropogenic challenges can further be amplified or dampened by each other through feedback loops. In order to develop actionable solutions, it is therefore crucial to understand the individual causes and mechanisms of impact, as well as their interplay. I will provide an overview ofcurrently known effects and feedback loop examples on a global scale, before highlighting the limitations of our current knowledge based on recent studies and identifying some key areas in need of coordinated efforts to build a more sustainable and resilient future.

Dr. Christina C. Roggatz is a Freigeist Fellow and Research Group Leader for Dynamic Ecological Chemistry at the University of Bremen since 2022.
She was postdoctoral research associate in Marine Chemical Ecology at the Energy & Environment Institute, University of Hull, UK (2018-2022) and hold a PhD in Chemistry from the same university.
After her B.Sc. studies in Biology at the University of Bremen, she pursued a Erasmus Mundus M.Sc. in Marine Biodiversity & Conservation at University of Bremen (Germany), Galway Mayo Institute of Technology (Ireland), Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris (now Sorbonne, France) & Universidade do Algarve/ Centro de Ciências do Mar (Portugal).  

Dr. Christina Roggatz
Dr. Christina Roggatz
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