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Tilmann Harder

Tilmann Harder joined the University of Bremen in 2015. He further has an Adjunct Professor affiliation with the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, where he spent 10 years as Deputy-Director of the Centre for Marine BioInnovation. Tilmann holds one of only five bridging professorships funded through the Excellence Initiative at Uni Bremen. His chair in Marine Chemistry strengthens the research priority cluster of Ocean Sciences at Bremen. His bridging professorship is to 50% affiliated with the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research at Bremerhaven. With his expertise in Analytical Chemistry and Marine Chemical Ecology he offers an interdisciplinary link between the university and the Helmholtz affiliated Alfred Wegener Institute.


  • PhD in Chemistry with 20 years track record in Marine Chemical Ecology
  • Internationally connected through work practice across Europe, Asia and Australia
  • Publication record of >80 peer-reviewed papers, Hirsch Index of 34
  • Several academic leadership and management positions over past 15 years
  • Science leadership evidenced by Academic Editorial Board membership of Frontiers in Marine Science, Journal of Chemical Ecology and PloS One
  • Interdisciplinary research experience in marine biology, ecology and environmental microbiology
  • Successful acquisition of > US$5M external research funding
  • 10 years teaching experience in chemistry and environmental sciences
  • Supervision of  > 60 academic research staff and students during past 10 years