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For many of your questions, you can find a quick answer there.

Do not send applications to the contacts listed below. Check here for the application procedure.

For further information contact the CIT/CMM Master Office by e-mail.


Who is who?

Dr. Andreas Könsgen62380General information and consultance
Maren Hofmann62445Master Office (Organisation)
Prof. Armin Dekorsy 62400CIT students, CIT curriculum and study plans
Prof. Kai Michels62500CMM/IAE students, CMM/IAE curriculum and study plans
Prof. Steffen Paul62540CMM/IAE students, CMM/IAE curriculum and study plans
Prof. Walter Lang62602Head of master examination board

Important Documents

HomepageCIT and CMM
Course Catalogue / VorlesungsverzeichnisCITCMM
Course Descriptions (up to WS 2019/20)CIT and CMM
Course Descriptions (from SS 2020)tbd
Zulassungsordnung / Admission Terms (German)CITCMM
Masterprüfungsordnung (allgemeiner Teil) /
Master Examination Regulations (General part, German)
Master Examination Regulations (German)CITCMM
!Important Announcement for IAE students! IAE