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Admission Criteria

  1. Applicants must hold a Bachelor (B.Sc.) degree in biology, ecology, environmental sciences, oceanography or a closely related discipline
  2. with an overall grade of at least 2.5 according to the German grading scheme, in which 1.0 equals "excellent", 2.0 "good", 3.0 "satisfactory", 4.0 "sufficient", and 5.0 "fail". Grades from international applicants will be converted to the German grading scheme by the university administration. 
  3. Fluency in English is required according to level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and must be proven for instance by a UniCERT III certificate or a IELTS score of at least 7 or a Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (CAE).

The M.Sc. programme Marine Biology only offers one entry per year, always in October for the start of the winter term. The application deadline is April, 30th for start in the following October.

Applications may (and should) already be submitted before the previous study degree (i.e. usually B.Sc.) has been finished, if at least 135 ECTS have been obtained, equivalent to the work load of 4.5 semesters. In those cases, admission can be granted on the condition that the previous degree will be successfully finished by September, 30th.

Applicants must apply via the central Online Application Portal of the University of Bremen. The Online Application Form will be active from mid-January onwards. Your application will include a Curriculum Vitae, Letter of Motivation in English language, Transcript of Study Records of your B.Sc. studies indicating the curriculum, study efforts (ECTS or hours of study) and grades, proof of sufficient English language skills, and any additional documents of relevant qualifications, such as internships or academic awards. You must upload all requested documents as pdf files. Do not send any application documents by mail! Only those candidates, who are actually admitted to the study programme, will have to submit hard copies of their application package at a later stage. They will be asked explicitly to do so by the Secretariat for Students International (SfS-I). Please address all queries regarding the formal application procedure to SfS-I (Email: apply@uni-bremen.de ).

Please note that applicants may only apply for one M.Sc. programme at the University of Bremen. The latest application received before the application deadline will replace all earlier applications. If you are interested in both the M.Sc. study programmes Marine Biology and ISATEC (International Studies in Aquatic Tropical Ecology; http://www.isatec.uni-bremen.de ), for both of which the application deadline is April, 30th, please only apply for the M.Sc. programme with your highest preference via the Online Application Form. In addition, send an email to the Scientific Co-ordinator of the other M.Sc. programme (i.e. for Marine Biology to marbiol@uni-bremen.de or for ISATEC to isatec@uni-bremen.de ). In this email, please mention your interest in the second M.Sc. programme and attach a separate Letter of Motivation for the second M.Sc. programme to your email. This procedure will allow the Selection Board to consider your application for both M.Sc. programmes. Should your first priority programme be overbooked, your application may still be considered for your second choice, instead of direct rejection.

The Selection Board will meet in May (or early June) and evaluate all applications according to the following criteria: overall grade of the previous degree (40%), individual academic and non-academic qualifications relevant to the scope of marine biology (40%), and Letter of Motivation (20%). If there are more applicants than vacant study places, applicants will be admitted according to their rank in the evaluation.


Deadline for application:

30th of April

Start of introductory courses
and optional German language training for international students:

23th of September 2019

Start of the M.Sc. Marine Biology programme:

14th of October 2019