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Department of Neuropsychology and Behavioral Neurobiology

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  • Cognium Building

The Department of Neuropsychology and Behavioral Neurobiology forms part of the Institute for Brain Research and the interdisciplinary Center for Cognitive Sciences (ZKW). It is located at the COGNIUM building close to the central facilities of Bremen University. Research and teaching is based on a holistic concept combining (sub)cellular and behavioral approaches to cognitive neuroscience.

For that purpose we run four experimental labs: a functional imaging (fMRI) lab with direct access to a 3T-MR whole body scanner, an electrophysiology (ERP) lab equipped with 36- and 128-channel EEG devices, a molecular neurobiology, and a clinical and experimental neuropsychology lab.

In the field of cognitive neuroscience we try to disentangle neuronal activity patterns underlying executive control processing by the use of combined spatio-temporal information.

In pre-graduate education we are in charge for the neuropsychology and clinical neurology teaching program for psychology students. Additionally, we contribute to the international and interdisciplinary M.Sc. Neurosciences master program realized by members of the Center for Cognitive Sciences and hosted at the COGNIUM center at Bremen University.

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