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Data Scientist Track

Next Data Scientist Track between June - Dec. 2023

Please note: The Operator Tracks are currently planned to be almost exclusively in-person. To avoid Covid-related cancellations, we have decided to move the upcoming Data Scientist Track into 2023 and to establish a stretched schedule for the entire curriculum. Moreover, we will work on a new Data Train website and a program-owned event management system.

The Data Train program will continue with the three tracks (Starter Track - Operator Track Data Steward - Operator Track Data Scientist) in the coming years, just with a stretched schedule and an innovative web platform. The Starter Track will continue to take place in the first half of each year and in the second half of the year the two Operator Tracks will alternate.

The courses listed below were held last year (2021).


General information about Data Train Operator Tracks

1. Workshops are allocated to tracks and follow a thematic structure. Doctoral researchers can complete the tracks in their entirety or just take part in individual courses.

2. Registration closes two weeks before the workshops take place, respectively.

3. Target group: The program is primarily offered to doctoral researchers from  member institutions of the U Bremen Research Alliance. Therefore, doctoral researchers from member institutions of the U Bremen Research Alliance can register directly for the workshops within the registration period. After registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with information on participation. In case a course is fully booked, you will be automatically placed on the waiting list. The order of the waiting list determined by the time of registration. In case of cancellation by a registered participant, the place will go to the first person on the waiting list.

4. Other status groups or externals can take part in the workshops if free places are available after closing the registration. Therefore, please register for the waiting list (via the button provided for this purpose). You will be contacted two weeks before the workshop takes place in case we can offer you to participate in the workshop. Candidates on the waiting list will not be contacted again unless a place can be offered. The order of the waiting list is determined by the time of registration and your career status.

5. Attendance: If you are officially registered for a course, cancellation is required if you cannot attend the course. Please contact us immediately by e-mail (data-trainprotect me ?!vw.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de) if you are unable to attend the workshop. Please do so in advance so that free spots can be offered to persons on the waiting list. If you do not attend a workshop without cancellation, we reserve the right to exclude you from future events.

We expect full attendance at the respective event. Only full participation in a workshop will be confirmed. If you cannot attend the entire workshop please contact us (data-trainprotect me ?!vw.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de) in advance. Certificates of participation (in which the attended workshops will be listed) will be send to you after the entire Data Steward Track has been completed.

Please check the technical requirements and consider information given under "prior knowledge" before signing in for a workshop.


We confirm your attendance at (a) course(s) after a track was completed. All participated courses (of that track) are listed in the document.

Who receives a certificate?

- Starter Track: Docotoral researchers affiliated at the U Bremen Research Alliance

- Data Steward & Data Scientist Track: All regular participants (viewers excluded) who fully attended the workshop

Hands-on workshops in 2021

All courses are held in English

Please note: If possible, the workshops will be conducted in person or hybrid format (i.e. in-person and online). In case the pandemic situation does not allow to meet in-person, the workshops will take place online. As circumstances and regulation might change, it will be decided on the format  three weeks before the respective workshop takes place (at latest). Updates will be announced via the workshops' websites.


CodeCourse titleDateTrainer(s)


OT-SC-WS-01Deep learning (registration closed)14.09.-15.09.2021 (hybrid)Prof. Dr. Peter Maaß, Dr. Daniel Otero Baguer




OT-SC-WS-02Quantitative analyses for data science (registration closed)

05.10.-07.10.2021 (online)

Prof. Dr. Torsten Dickhaus
OT-SC-WS-03Machine learning (registration closed)20.10.-21.10.2021 (online)Prof. Dr. Marvin N. Wright


OT-SC-WS-04Evaluating machine learning/ artificial intelligence algorithms (registration closed)01.11., 03.11., 05.11.2021 (online)Prof. Dr. Werner Brannath, Dr. Max Westphal
OT-SC-WS-05Computational social sciences (registration closed)09.11., 11.11.2021 (online)Dr. Nikolitsa Grigoropoulou
OT-SC-WS-06Visualization in science: principles & critical reflections (registration closed)16.11.2021 (online)Prof. Dr. Dr. Norman Sieroka, Dr. Antonie Haas
OT-SC-WS-07Visual analytics with Geographical Information Systems (GIS) (registration closed)23.11.-25.11.2021 (online)Dr. Antonie Haas


OT-SC-WS-08Causal learning (registration closed)02.12.-03.12.2021 (online)Prof. Dr. Vanessa Didelez