(AKAD22) Interkulturalität und Sprachvertiefung - English as a Lingua Franca

This seminar is designed to give participants the opportunity to gain exposure to real life English in realistic contexts. Course material making use of authentic texts on various aspects of culture, society and the natural world will be used to explore relevant and topical issues.
These will provide the basis for discussion activities, enriching communication and critical thinking skills. We will revise basic structures and extend core vocabulary to increase linguistic proficiency. In conjunction with the development of cultural awareness this will help facilitate effective communication.
The choice of topics is open to discussion: participants’ suggestions are welcome, and particular interests may be accommodated when possible.

Lernmaterialien werden zur Verfügung gestellt.

Dozentin:          Kirsten Steppat, M.A.
Zeit:                   Donnerstag, 10:00 s.t. - 11:30 Uhr
Hinweis:         Mindestteilnehmerzahl: 20 Personen; max. 25 Personen
Veranstaltungsart:       Online-Seminar

Für diesen Kurs wird eine Zusatzgebühr von 40,- Euro erhoben!


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