(AKAD32) Growing Old and Growin' Older: Aspects on Ageing in Short Stories by Alice Munro and Eudora Welty

An ailing wife who suddenly needs to mourn the death of her quirky husband, a teenage friendship that gets renewd in a retirement home, a young girl who needs to learn about dementia –  these are some of the aspects that Canadian writer Alice Munro and the Southerner Eudora Welty write about in their short stories.

Munro, deeply nestled in her Wingham community, and Welty, writing about life in  (Jackson) Mississippi, have earned their laurels in writing about life – deeply entrenched in its challenges, its disappointments, and its glimpses of happiness.  Both have earned their recognition as international writers, while setting their stories in a hometown atmostphere that (most) readers can relate to.

Allotting a good portion of this seminar to a close reading of the texts, this particular edge shall become the main focus of our discussion.    What is it that makes Welty's text particularly Southern and Munro's stories specifically Canadian?  Are there still aspects in the creation of their figures where these two writers meet on common grounds? 

Alice Munro, “Mrs. Cross and Mrs Kidd” in: The Moons of Jupiter. New York: Vintage Books, 1991. 
Alice Munro, “Free Radicals” in: Too Much Happiness. New York: Vintage Books, 2009.
Eudora Welty,  “A Visit of Charity, ” in: A Curtain of Green and other Stories.  Orlando: Harcourt, 1979.

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