(AKAD33) Thelma and Louise: Just another Road movie?

When the award-winning “Thelma and Louise,” starring Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis premiered thirty-one years ago, it caused a storm of ambivalent reactions. Hailed as a movie that gave women “firepower, desire, and complex inner lives” the story of two “normal” women glued to the daily routines of their Southern lives, who suddenly turn into cold-blooded killers and fugitives, was spontaneously and exuberantly celebrated as a movie of new beginnings.  Deeply entrenched in the tradition of the modern Western avengers of, let's say, Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid, it was and still is considered the movie that would change the perception of and on women.  Hollywood and the rest of the world on the road to equality!   Have these accolades managed to keep their promise? 

The purpose of this seminar is to discuss and probe the relevance and significance of “Thelma and Louise” today, three decades after its first appearance.  How does the movie weigh in times of #MeToo and in the wake of the most recent capping of Roe vs. Wade?   By working on a detailed plot analysis and looking closely at specific themes like idealized (Southern) womanhood, violence against and committed by women, and numerous awakenings of sorts, it will try to find answers to the question: “Has Western society managed to avoid a “Thelma and Louise moment?”.

Dozentin:          Dr. Heidi Podlasli-Labrenz
Termine:          Di 31.01. + Mi 01.02. + Do 02.02. + Fr 03.02.2023
Zeit:                  12:15 s.t. - 14:45 Uhr
Hinweis:        Teilnehmerbegrenzung: 10 Personen in Präsenz,
Mindestteilnehmerzahl: 15 Personen
Veranstaltungsart:      hybrid, in Präsenz (Akademie, Raum B 1300)
oder wahlweise Online-Teilnahme
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