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Materials for Space Exploration

MAPEX Symposium 2020 - 31 August - 2 September

Aims and Scope

The symposium will bring together highly distinguished members of academia and industry, who are shaping worldwide the research landscape on the discovery, synthesis, manufacturing and use of materials for present and future space exploration endeavours. Limited to no more than 80 to 100 participants, including about 20 invited speakers, it will provide a platform for exchange of the latest ideas and presentation of novel results in this rapidly evolving and highly inspiring field. The symposium will cover four main subject areas:

  • space exploration applications,
  • new materials engineering and manufacturing,
  • pyhsical chemistry of new materials,
  • automated new materials discovery.

The talks will span a wide range of topics, including: materials for habitats; materials for spacecrafts; materials for space suits; regolith and dust; gravityless manufacturing; abrasion, heat and radiation damage.


The MAPEX Center for Materials and Processes of the University of Bremen is hosting the first Symposium on Materials for Space Exploration.


31 Aug. to 2 Sept. 2020

Bremen, Germany
Haus der Wissenschaft

Registration will open soon



For all questions regarding the SpaceMat Symposium please don't hesitate to contact us: spacemat@uni-bremen.de.

Find out more about the organizers of the SpaceMat 2020.

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