YUFE online lecture series: Sustainable building - from theory to practice

Veranstalter:in : YUFE (Young Universities for the Future of Europe)
Ort : Zoom
Beginn : 12. Oktober 2022, 17:00 Uhr
Ende : 12. Oktober 2022, 18:30 Uhr

This online lecture is part of the series "Give earth a chance - paths to sustainable living" and is organised by the YUFE Alliance. The series is dedicated to the topic of sustainability and looks at the subject from five different angles:

  • Sustainable building – from theory to practice
  • Sustainable tourism for sustainable society
  • The impact of environmental degradation on human migrations
  • Sustainable development and poverty reduction – interconnected causes, multidisciplinary research and integrated policies
  • How climate change drives biodiversity loss – and how to counteract it

The lectures will be held in English and participation is free of charge. They are open to all interested parties: Bremen citizens, students and university staff members. We welcome interested people from all backgrounds.


Sustainable building – from theory to practice

We all know that the built environment’s sustainability should increase to reach climate targets. But how to achieve this? This presentation combines academic insights with concrete innovative examples from industry. Where the first stresses the importance of quantitative assessment techniques to support informed decision making, the latter shows that slowly but surely things are moving in today’s building practice.


Matti Buyle (University of Antwerp)
Matti Buyle is a postdoctoral researcher at the faculty of Applied Engineering at the University of Antwerp. His research concentrates on environmental sustainability assessment and life cycle assessment (LCA). The core of his work focusses on the development of methods and tools to incorporate the future environmental consequences of a decision made today. Given the strong focus on methodological developments of the assessment techniques, Matti Buyle is involved in a broad range of applications, including the construction sector and innovative building strategies, the treatment of metallurgic residues and wastewater treatment systems.

Jona Michiels (Van Roey)
As a construction engineer, Jona is well aware of the challenges the industry will face in the coming years. He has a passion for sustainability and innovation and is the driving force to align the various companies of the group on the sustainability goals and the step-by-step transformation process needed to achieve this.  He focuses on developing innovative products and services, looks for value-adding companies that fit within the mission and vision of the group and encourages collaboration between the various actors of the group in order to arrive at the best solution for the customer together.





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