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What can a data steward do for you? Discipline-specific RDM support and training for researchers

Veranstalter: Data Science Center
Ort: Zoom und MZH
Beginn: 14. Juli 2022, 12:00 Uhr
Ende: 14. Juli 2022, 12:30 Uhr

Research data form the backbone of science and are as diverse as science itself – ranging from images, texts, videos, and audio to observations, simulations, and (laboratory) measurements. Managing all this highly diverse data and making them FAIR (finable, accessible, interoperable, re-suable) is the foundation for data-intensive research. Moreover, a sustainable Research Data Management (RDM) strategy is also crucial for the success of proposals and research projects as more and more funding agencies make information on the handling of research data mandatory. To meet the associated requirements might come with the need to change well established workflows, develop new RDM strategies and implement new technologies. Hence, RDM concerns researchers across all disciplines and career levels. This process can be, or at least feel like, an overwhelming task ahead.

But what can a data steward do for you now? In short: A data steward can give you more time for your research! The DSC’s three new data stewards provide practical, disciplinary RDM-support and training for researchers of the University of Bremen and other U Bremen Research Alliance institutes. In the info-event you can learn more about the data steward’s services and how you as researcher can profit from them before, during and after a research project. Moreover, we will highlight the various benefits of RDM for you as a researcher, the research community as well as the society.

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Julian Lilkendey, Heike Thöricht, and Sandra Zänkert have joined the Data Science Center as Data Stewards this summer. With their diverse research backgrounds, they support researchers from all disciplines in all questions of data management – both in the proposal and in the research phase. They also develop and offer data literacy training.

The lunch-and-learn event will take place in hybrid format from 12-12:30pm at MZH and via Zoom. There will be a 20-minute keynote presentation followed by an open forum for questions and discussion. We have planned an extra half hour on site (i.e. until 1 p.m.) for personal exchange on the talk, general data science aspects or our services. If you would like to be present on site at the MZH, just write us a short E-MAIL for better planning. We look forward to exciting discussions!

FDM is important for all data-intensive researchers, as it is the foundation for data science. Also, more and more funding agencies require concrete information on data management in third-party funding applications. The DFG has also recently specified its requirements in this regard and is now making information on the handling of research data in collaborative and individual proposals mandatory (see DFG-news item from March 14 ). A sustainable RDM strategy is thus crucial for the success of proposals and research projects, and the U Bremen offers various support services.

ALLE TERMINE (12-12:30 Uhr Zoom und im MZH)
09.06.2022 | Dr. Martin Blenkle (Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek): Bibliothekar:innen lesen gar nicht den ganzen Tag über! FDM in der Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Bremen
16.06.2022 | Dr. Björn-Oliver Schmidt (Referat 12, U Bremen): Wohin mit meinen Daten? FDM an der Universität Bremen – Unterstützungsangebote und Rahmenbedingungen
23.06.2022 | Dr. Nils Düpont (SOCIUM & SFB 1342): Getting Social Scientists Onboard – Co-Creating an Information System (and Doing RDM) in the CRC 1342 “Global Dynamics of Social Policy”
14.07.2022 | Dr. Julian Lilkendey, Heike Thöricht, Dr. Sandra Zänkert (Data Stewards, DSC): What can a data steward do for you? Discipline-specific RDM support and training