Book Launch: 'Contradiction Studies - Exploring the Field'

Veranstalter:in : Worlds of Contradiction
Ort : Rotunde (Cartesium)
Beginn : 15. Juni 2023, 18:30 Uhr
Ende : 15. Juni 2023, 20:00 Uhr

Prof. em. Dr. Gisela Febel (Romanistik), Prof. Kerstin Knopf (Amerikanistik), Prof. Martin Nonhoff (Politische Theorie) stellen ihren im vergangenen Monat erschienen, interdisziplinären Band 'Contradiction Studies - Exploring the Field' vor und geben die Möglichkeit zur Diskussion.


About the Book

“Contradiction” is a core concept in the humanities and the social sciences. Beside the classical ideas of logical or dialectical contradiction, instances of “lived” contradiction and strategies of coping with it are objects of this study. Contradiction Studies discuss the many ways in which explicit or implicit contradictions are negotiated in different political or cultural settings. This volume collects articles that tackle the concept of contradiction, practices of contradicting and lived contradictions from a number of relevant perspectives and assembles contributions from linguistics, literary studies, philosophy, political science, and media studies.