The Nagoya Protocol - What does it mean in practice?

Veranstalter: Nagoya Protocol Compliance Officer & German Nagoya Protocol HuB Project
Ort: Online via Zoom
Beginn: 20. April 2023, 10:00 Uhr
Ende: 20. April 2023, 12:00 Uhr

If you are conducting research on biological material (i.e. dead or living material containing DNA and its derivatives, excluding human DNA) that originates from outside Germany, you need to understand the basics of the Nagoya Protocol (NP) and Access and Benefit-Sharing (ABS) as well as your obligations as a researcher in Germany under the regulation (EU) No. 511/2014.

At the University of Bremen and within the U Bremen Research Alliance (UBRA), the Nagoya Protocol Compliance Officer, Janina Bornemann, supports its researchers in understanding their obligations under the Nagoya Protocol and guides them through their Access and Benefit-Sharing processes. The University of Bremen and the UBRA recognize the importance of complying with this international framework and support its implementation. Please contact Janina Bornemann if you have any questions regarding the Nagoya Protocol. A Nagoya Protocol web page on the university website is currently under development and will be available by the end of March.

In April, the Nagoya Protocol Compliance Officer and the "German Nagoya Protocol (GNP) HuB Project" invite you to the information session "The Nagoya Protocol – What does it mean in practice?". Focus of this seminar are the legal requirements and implications of the Nagoya Protocol for researchers working with biological material from abroad.

Melania Muñoz from the GNP HuB is a biologist having worked for the National Focal Point (NFP) in Costa Rica for almost 10 years. She will share her expertise with you and provide you with relevant insights and necessary information to assess whether your research may have ABS obligations to consider.

During the event, we will systematically go through what researchers need to do to comply with the Nagoya Protocol and the EU ABS regulation. You will learn about the user checks that are already in place in Germany, consequences of non-compliance such as fines, embargoes on material and publications, possible requirements of journals and funding agencies, as well as tools and tips to use and inform yourself.

The online session will take place on 20 April 2023 from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon. To participate please register here: www.uni-bremen.de/research-alliance/forschung/anmeldung-nagoya-protocol-what-does-it-mean-in-practice-20042023-10-am-to-12-noon


Janina Bornemann
Nagoya Protocol Compliance Officer
Research and Early-Career Researchers
University of Bremen
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The Nagoya Protocol - What does it mean in practice?