Beekeeping in the End Times - Vortrag/Filmvorführung am 22.11. 2023

Veranstalter:in : Uni Bremen NatureCultures Lab und Verbundforschungsplattform WoC
Ort : Universität Bremen, Raum HS 1010, Kleiner Hörsaal
Beginn : 22. November 2023, 18:00 Uhr
Ende : 22. November 2023, 20:00 Uhr

The Bremen NatureCultures Lab and WoC are proud to present:

Beekeeping in the End Times
Dr. Larisa Jašarević
Film Screening and Book Reading
November 22, 2023. 18:00
Universität Bremen, Raum HS 1010, Kleiner Hörsaal

Two sisters, struggling beekeepers, travel cross-country to film the story of honeybees weathering climate change. Bees in Bosnia and Herzegovina forage in the wilds, far from modern industry and agriculture, on the overgrown frontlines of the 90s war. And yet, their Muslim beekeepers describe a profound ecological disaster, quietly unfolding. Honey is vanishing. What keeps the beekeepers going are Islamic wisdom tales that treat plants and animals as the signs of the times and teach how to care for the world, even on the eve of apocalypse. The sisters’ journey starts from the hives in their mountaintop village and takes them across wilderness and wastelands that stand for the present state of the world at large: beautiful and battered, at once. Ever more unhoneyed.

Andrea Muehlebach
Maritime Anthropology and Cultures of Water
Institut für Ethnologie und Kulturwissenschaft
Department of Anthropology and Cultural Research
Universität Bremen