Geographisches Kolloquium mit Ankit Kumar (Sheffield University, UK)

Veranstalter:in : Institut für Geographie
Ort : GW2 B1150
Beginn : 26. Juni 2024, 16:15 Uhr
Ende : 26. Juni 2024, 17:45 Uhr

Am 26.06.2024 hält Frau Ankit Kumar von der Sheffield University, UK, einen Vortrag zum Thema "Anthropocene’s emergency: population crisis, ethnonationalist populism and aclimate justice emergency" (Raum: GW2, B1150)

This talk considers the emergence of climate emergency and population crisis alongside a history of India’s political emergency of 1975. The presentation compares the politics and discourses around the 1975 political emergency and population crisis with those of climate emergency, Hindutva ethnonationalism and democratic backsliding in contemporary India to argue that unless justice for the marginalised is explicitly centred, emergency declarations
will empower oppressive politicians and train their lenses on marginalised and poorer people through ideas like population control. In the absence of justice, emergency overlooks those responsible for climate change through
fossil fuel extractions and disproportionate resource consumption as issues like ‘population’ become a convenient focus. The talk proposes that the idea of climate emergency reveals to us a climate justice emergency or a
climate justice crisis. Rejecting oppressive politics like ‘population reduction’ and those supporting these while focusing on inequalities in consumption and carbon emissions takes a step towards an urgent just response.