Preparing to become interplanetary: What we can learn about living on Mars begins on Earth today

Ort : Bremen Human Space Exploration Seminar - online
Beginn : 31. Januar 2024, 13:30 Uhr
Ende : 31. Januar 2024, 15:00 Uhr
Guest: Kai Staats

MSc, Director of Research for SAM at Biosphere 2, University of Arizona, USA


Kai Staats is an entrepreneur, researcher, and veteran developer of platforms for research and science education. Staats is Director of Research for SAM: “A Space Analog for the Moon and Mars (SAM)”. At the University of Arizona Biosphere 2 Kai and his team have constructed the world's only operating, hermetically sealed and pressurized Mars habitat analog.

Kai holds an MSc in Applied Mathematics, worked in data analysis at LIGO, was CEO of a world-renowned Linux operating system, is an accomplished filmmaker, and is an avid cross-country runner and wilderness explorer.


Bremen Human Space Exploration Seminar

The seminar takes place one Wednesday of the month at 13:30 CET/CEST online via zoom and consists of a 40-minute talk followed by a 40-minute discussion.

The zoom link for the meeting will be send via email to all registered members of the space-exploration mailing list. You can register here.

Kai Staats in full person