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Bremer Institut für Drogenforschung (BISDRO)Institute For Drug Research Bremen (BISDRO)


Postal address

Postfach P.O. Box 330440
28334 Bremen



Homepage: http://www.bisdro.uni-bremen.deHomepage: http://www.bisdro.uni-bremen.de/


Site plan

Befindet sich im: Situated at: Geisteswissenschaften 1 (GW1)

The “Bremer Institut für Drogenforschung“ (BISDRO - Bremen Institute for Drug Research), founded in 1986, is an independent subdepartment of the “Bremer Institut für Kriminalpolitik“ (BRIK - Bremen Institute for Criminal Policy). BISDRO encompasses two branches: the Research-Institute and the largest German collection of all kinds of literature pertaining to illicit and licit drugs, the “Archiv für Drogenliteratur - ARCHIDO” (Archive for Drug Literature).
The Bremer Institut für Drogenforschung (BISDRO - Bremen Institute for Drug Research) is an independent department of the Bremer Institut für Kriminalpolitik (BIK - Bremen Institute for Criminal Policy), parallel to the other independent department, the Bremer Institut für Kriminalpolitikforschung (KRIPF) (Bremen Institute for Criminal Policy Research). As an institute of the University of Bremen it is located in two adjoining faculties, the faculty of law and the faculty of social sciences.