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"The datafication of education"

ZeMKI-Mitglieder Dr. Juliane Jarke und Prof. Dr. Andreas Breiter veröffentlichen ein neues Themenheft zur Datafizierung in der Bildung.

Das von Juliane Jarke und Andreas Breiter herausgegebene Themenheft mit dem Titel "The datafication of education" erscheint in der Fachzeitschrift: Learning, Media and Technology.

"The increasing datafication, in particular the availability of data and corresponding algorithms introduces new means to measure, capture, describe and represent social life in numbers. The education sector is one of the most noticeable domains affected by datafication, because it transforms not only the ways in which teaching and learning are organised but also the ways in which future generations (will) construct reality with and through data. The datafication of education comprises of the collection of data on all levels of educational systems (individual, classroom, school, region, state, international), potentially about all processes of teaching, learning and school management. This proliferation of data changes decision-making and opinion-forming processes of educational stakeholders such as education policy, school supervision, school authorities, teachers, students and parents. For example, data are used to improve school development, to hold schools and teachers accountable, to control access to schooling or to compare student achievements across countries. Such use cases raise expectations with respect to increased transparency, accountability, service orientation and civic participation but also associated fears with respect to surveillance and control, privacy issues, power relations, and (new) inequalities."

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