Vertr.-Prof. Dr. Jan Fuhse

: Vertr.-Prof. Dr. Jan Fuhse

Interim Professorship Communication and Medie Studies with a focus on Media Society and DIgital Practices”


Jan Fuhse works as replacement professor for communication and media studies with emphasis on media society in the winter 2019-20.

Diploma in political science at Free University Berlin (1995-2000), academic assistant and doctorate in sociological theory and sociology of migration at Universität Stuttgart (2000-2007), Post-doc at Columbia University (2007-2008), Fellow at the International Center for Cultural and Technological Research at Universität Stuttgart (2008-2009), assistant professor in political sociology at the University of Bielefeld (2009-2013), Heisenberg-Fellow at the Social Science Department at Humboldt University of Berlin (2013-2018), replacement professor for sociology at University of Passau (summer 2019). Research visits at University of Arizona, University of Chicago, University of California at Santa Barbara, and University of Amsterdam.

Research Interests

Communication and media theory, network research, political sociology, sociological theory

Selected recent publications (since 2015):

  • 2020: “Theories of Social Networks” forthcoming in: Ryan Light / James Moody (eds.): Oxford Handbook of Social Networks, New York: Oxford University Press. 
  • Jan Fuhse / Oscar Stuhler / Jan Riebling / John Levi Martin 2020: “Relating Social and Symbolic Relations in Quantitative Text Analysis. A Study of Parliamentary Discourse in the Weimar Republic” forthcoming in: Poetics 76.
  • Jan Fuhse / Karoline Krenn (eds.) 2019: Netzwerke in gesellschaftlichen Feldern, Wiesbaden: SpringerVS 2019. 
  • 2018: “New Media and Socio-Cultural Formations” Cybernetics & Human Knowing 25/4, 73-96.
  • 2016: Soziale Netzwerke; Konzepte und Forschungsmethoden, Konstanz: utb (UVK; 2. revised edition 2018). 
  • Marco Schmitt / Jan Fuhse 2015: Zur Aktualität von Harrison White, Wiesbaden: SpringerVS. 
  • 2015: “Theorizing Social Networks: The Relational Sociology of and around Harrison White” International Review of Sociology 25, 15-44. 
  • 2015: “Networks from Communication” European Journal of Social Theory 18, 39-59.
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