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: Shota Gelovani


Digital Media


Until 2020 Shota Gelovani was a doctorate researcher at the Center for Media, Communication and Information Research and member in the lab "Computational Communication and Democracy" under the supervision of Prof. Yannis Theocharis, with a special emphasis on digital media, participation and democracy. A former DAAD scholarship-holder, he is a graduate of the University of Mannheim, M.A. in Political Science (class of 2018), as well as Tbilisi State University, B.A. in International Relations (class of 2014). In 2014-2016, he was working for, a Georgian analogue of Politifact, which aims to verify the veracity of statements made by public officials. In Spring Semester 2019, he teached the seminar in Introduction to Quantitative Research Design and Data Analysis at B.A. in Media and Communication.

Research interests

His fields of interest include digital media, authoritarianism, peace and conflict and the international political economy. During the PhD program, he aims to study the differences between the post-Soviet and the Western styles of internet activism from empirical perspective through analyzing data, social media content and texts. His former dissertations include:
•    M.A.: Remittances and Autocratic Control in the Developing World.
•    B.A.: Foreign Political Factors of the Chinese Economic Miracle.


European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA)


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