Tjark Raabe

: Tjark Raabe

Gebäude/Raum:  Ecotec 5, Am Fallturm 1 (FZHB, IFW, ITB, IFIB, TAB) (ECO5) 3.85
Telefon:  +49 (0) 421 218 643 27

E-Mail:  traabeprotect me ?!ifibprotect me ?!.de

Member of the ZeMKI Lab: "Information Management and Media Technology"


Tjark Raabe is a reasearcher at the Institute for Information Management Bremen (ifib). He works at the interdisciplinary joint research project “DATAFIED: DATA For and In EDucation. The construction of school in a datafied society”

He gained his masters degree (M.A.) in Professional Public Decision Making in 2018 at the University of Bremen. In his thesis he discussed the influences of filterbubbles on political polarization in democratic systems and analyzed the usability of software-based tools against this effect.

In 2015 he finished his bachelor degree (B.A.) in philosophy and comparative religious studies.

Research interests

  • Effects of digitalization and datafication in the educational sector
  • Critical Data Studies
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