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ZeMKI-Mitglieder bei der ICA-Jahrestagung 2019: „Communication Beyond Boundaries“

Vom 24. bis 28. Mai findet in der US-Bundeshauptstadt Washington, DC die Jahrestagung der International Communication Association (ICA) statt.

Folgende ZeMKI-Mitglieder sind mit Vorträgen oder als Ko-Organisatoren vertreten: 


24. Mai, 9:00–17:00

PRECONFERENCE: Mediated Recognition: Identity, Justice and Activism

Lena Fölsche: Symbolic Violence: Media Capital as “Trump Card” in the Struggle for Recognition


24. Mai, 8:00–16:30

PRECONFERENCE: Justice and Order in the Datafied Society: Connecting Communications and Legal Theory

Andreas Hepp (Ko-Organisator)


25. Mai, 11:00–12:15

PANEL: High Density: All Aboard the Student Paper Express, from East to West, Theory to Test

Heiko Kirschner: Digital Games as Boundary Objects in Times of Deep Mediatization


25. Mai, 15:30–16:45

PANEL: Gender, Memory, and Media

Stephanie Seul (Discussant)


26. Mai, 8:00–9:15

PANEL: Risk and Crisis Communication

Dennis Reichow (mit Thomas Friemel, Uni Zürich): Media Biases of Assaults in Public Transport and Their Effects on Passengers’ Risk Perception


26. Mai, 11:00–12:15

PANEL: Dynamics of Avoidance in a World of Deep Mediatization

Cindy Roitsch: Processes of Deep Mediatization


26. Mai, 17:00–18:15

PANEL: Philosophy, Theory and Critique Interactive Poster Session

Christian Pentzold (mit Andreas Bischoff, TU Chemnitz): Making Affordances Real: Socio-Material Prefiguration, Performed Agency, and Coordinated Activities in Human-Robot Communication


27. Mai, 8:00–9:15

PANEL: Populism in News Media and Party Communication

Stefanie Walter (mit Zoltán Fazekas, Uni Oslo): Converging Exclusionary Media Populism in Tabloids and Broadsheets: The Case of Brexit


27. Mai, 11:00–12:15

PANEL: National Inflections and Religious Motifs in Visual Discourses across News Coverage, Social Media, and Public Space

Tanja Maier: Between the Visible and the Invisible: The Transformation of Christian Images in the Digital Age


27. Mai, 11:00–12:15

PANEL: Intercultural Communication in International/Global Contexts

Christian Pentzold (mit Vivien Sommer, Leibniz Institute for Research on Society and Space): Remembering John/Ivan Demjanjuk: Inclusive and Exclusive Frames in Transcultural Holocaust Discourse


27. Mai, 14:00–15:15

PANEL: Challenges in Data-Driven Campaigns and News Use

Christian Pentzold und Lena Fölsche: Data-Driven Campaigns in Public Sensemaking: Equivocality, Speculation, and a Delayed Scandal in American, British, and German Media Discourse around Computational Politics


28. Mai, 9:30–10:45

PANEL: Extreme Speech and Propaganda

Stefanie Walter (Chair)


28. Mai, 14:00–15:15

PANEL: Who and What Make News: Cultures and Controversies

Stephanie Seul: Women Reporting the First World War, 1914–1918


28. Mai, 15:30–16:45

PANEL: Post-Normal Science Communication: Analyzing the Blurring Boundaries between Science and Society

Stefanie Walter (mit Michael Brüggemann, Uni Hamburg): Post-Normal Science Communication: A Framework to Explore the Changes and Blurring Boundaries of Science and Journalism


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